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Jen Parra, M.Ed, LDT, CALT
10+ years elementary and middle school education in private and public school, dyslexia therapy, phonics, reading, special needs
My specialty is working with children who are struggling to learn to read, write, and spell.  I provide dyslexia therapy as well as general tutoring.  If a parent is wondering if their child may be struggling with dyslexia, they can go to my website at www.multisensoryreadingcenter.com, take a fast and easy screener, and then call me for a consultation.  I am then able to partner with the child’s parents either in person or online through a teleconferencing platform to provide them expert advice and instruction.

Private Online Tutoring 
Online Group Classes 
Academic, Test Prep, & Enrichment

Alexander Young 623-606-1107 Stepforwardtutoring.com 
I am a homeschool graduate and a private tutor for kids with dyslexia. I teach reading and spelling one-on-one remotely from the comfort of their own computer using the Barton Reading and Spelling System. I am passionate about helping kids overcome their learning struggles and unlock their potential.    



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