• Wednesday Running Camps: 8-Week Summer Running Camps start June 3rd, 7:45 – 9:45am. Last Camp July 22nd.
  • Location: River City Community Church-Pavilion on the right near the church. Address: 16765 Lookout Rd, Selma, TX 78154.
  • Saturday Running Camps: Dates and locations TBD
  • SAVE YOUR SPOT: You must email Coach Jones with parent contact information, name(s) and ages/grades of runners interested and experience. Limit is 50 runners!!
  • This summer running camps will only be open to FEAST Cross Country runners and by Coach Jones invitation only!

 Join Coach Mark Jones, the FEAST Cross Country Commissioner at these exciting running camps!  We are limiting the size to 50 runners and will try to follow social distancing as much as possible; NO face covering should be worm during any exercise activity and are NOT required if not running.  Hand soap and disinfectant to wash hands will be provided.    

**Great cross country teams and runners are built in the summer months of June and July, not in October**

Wednesday Running Camps will include:

  • Running & Muscle Fitness: Runners are grouped according to fitness level and experience.
  • Students 5th through 12th Younger runners must get Coach Jones approval.
  • Camps will begin with Warm-up Phase, Workout Phase (consisting of walk/run, easy, moderate, distance, tempo, fartlek, speed endurance and interval runs), Cool-Down Running Phase and then Muscle & Conditioning Phase.
  • Camp Topics: Sports Psychology, Injury Prevention, Proper Running Technique, Stretching, Goal Setting, Nutrition, Hydration, Strength Training and MORE!!
  • Bring plenty of cold water (small water jug and exercise mat or beach towel, dress in COOL clothing to run and running shoes!
  • Facilities has a large covered pavilion, 2-Restrooms, and 2-Porta Pottys.

Saturdays Running Camps: 

  • These camps will include several Long Runs at different locations to include San Marcos River.

Contact Mark Jones, FEAST CC Commissioner for more information. Email:  run4eternity@yahoo.com