Who may participate?

❖ Homeschool children affiliated with FEAST ages 5-18. (4 years old if able to read and write on their

own )

❖ Public, private, or parochial school children ages 5-18 who live in Bexar County or have a homeschooling friend or family member.


What books can the participants read?

The project sponsors intend to encourage children and young adults to read books that foster positive, wholesome attitudes and provide quality entertainment and knowledge; therefore, rewards will only be given for books that are parent and FEAST approved. Books may not contain excessive magic,  romance, satanic content, gory violence, or other disturbing content.

We expect children to read books that are at or above their recommended age reading level. If you are not sure of the reading level of a book, consult with a FEAST team member or a librarian at a public library.


Where and when will it be held?

FEAST, located at

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will serve as the meeting place for parents, children, and staff from 10am to 3pm between June 11 and Aug 9 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

A Final Celebration service will be held in the evening on August 9, 2019.

Volunteers and Prize Donations

We appreciate any help we receive for the FEAST Summer Reading Program and Young Adult Summer

Reading Challenge. If you would like to donate prizes, volunteer, or have any questions, contact us and we are

happy to assist you.