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STEM Tips and Resources for Women in Tech (POC: Sara Cody)

  • As of 2021, women only accounted for 27% of employees in STEM fields ( This guide was made to spread awareness of the issue and the available resources to help women buck the trend. For those who ignore the gap, it presents women’s challenges in the industry. For women entrepreneurs looking to get into tech, it walks through how to found their own company, including finding a niche and accruing resources. The guide concludes with additional resources for women who are veterans or members of minority groups.
  • You can find the guide here:

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  • GradSchoolHub has a list of scholarship opportunities currently accepting applications for students working toward a master’s degree in a STEM field, careers one can explore with a master’s degree in robotics engineering, and an overview of the curriculum prospective students can expect once enrolled in a program. 
  • Computer programmers play an integral role in the world of computer science, and working in computer science can be incredibly lucrative. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that computer programmers earned a median salary of around $82,280 in 2018, which is well above the national median salary. Economic trends have contributed to an increased demand for computer science majors, and the need for programmers is only projected to grow, so our team at compiled an open-use guide for students pursuing the field. It covers key hard and soft skills, the salary at each level of education, and a list of professional resources. Take a look here.

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