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Linda Whiten Executive Director  


Tammy Martinez Resource Center

(210) 342-4674

Ask me about…

All FEAST, Co-op and homeschooling questions

Sherri Kunkel Athletics (210) 342-4674

Ask me about….

Athletics, Bartering, Patriot Pass, Registration

Heidi Bush Manna, Advertising

Ask me about…

Manna and advertising with FEAST in Manna

Community Outreach Coordinator/Field Trips

Ask me about…

Field Trips, Homeschool days,  and Facebook or Email Advertising



Accounting and Events

(210) 342-4674

Ask me about …. billing

IT Department

Ask me about…. IT Support & Training, Web Site, Technology Issues

Curriculum Advisor

Ask me about…… Orientations, curriculum, organization, transcripts, dual enrollment



Denman Events

(210) 342-4674

Ask me about ….

FEAST events and Denman estate rentals.

Facility Manager Ask me about….