We know that you desire
human interaction
answers to your
homeschooling questions

With the increase in Homeschoolers in Texas up 300%  
our staff is trying their best to meet the needs of the people.

We ask you to please take less than 7 minutes

to watch our Homeschooling 101 message 
(Español version has been added to playlist below) 

These videos may answer some, if not most, of your burning questions.

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If you think Homeschooling is right for you please consider joining one of the following

“New to Homeschooling” Orientations

FEAST schedules 90-minutes homeschool orientation meeting at 11am via Zoom every Wednesday. These meetings will consist of about 60 minutes of information and about 30 minutes for questions and answers. All your questions with information on helpful programs and support, this one and a half hour class covers the details of the Texas requirements and the rights of a homeschool family. During orientation, we will show you samples of different curriculum and explain where to purchase them online. We also cover record keeping and practical help for getting started on your homeschool journey.

These classes are open to any family wanting more information about FEAST and homeschooling in general. Husbands and wives are encouraged to attend together if possible and children are always welcome to attend with the parent.

The “New to Homeschooling Information Session”

  • $30.89 and are open to the public

Please feel free to pass the information along to family and friends who want to know more about homeschooling! 

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We understand that Homeschooling is not always the right choice for your needs and we thank you for taking the time to make wise decisions!




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Competed the Group Orientation? Need some guidance on specific student grade level classes, or help finding curriculum? We got you covered with our:

  • $87.55 Family tailored private consultation

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