Due to Covid19, as well as an influx of new homeschooling requests, we are requiring appointments. Please call or email to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable specialists.

Map and Directions to 7735 Mockingbird Lane, San Antonio, 78229    Phone: (210) 342-4674     Email:staff@homeschoolfeast.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday -- 10am to 4pm. We are closed on Friday.

What is the FEAST Resource & Retreat Center?

With our Administrative offices now located at the beautiful Denman Estate, we have many ways to serve you. Resource Specialists are here to show you different curriculum options and answer all your homeschooling questions. Families are invited to visit the FEAST Resource Center, during normal business hours, at 7735 Mockingbird Lane, San Antonio, 78229 in the building in the picture at the park; or you can call us at (210) 342-4674 .

Are you just getting started homeschooling? Come to the Resource Center for a New to Homeschool Orientation. During your approximately one-hour appointment, you will learn about the laws governing homeschooling in the state of Texas, receive information about planning, curriculum, record keeping, support groups, athletics, and more! One of our friendly staff members will talk to you about the practical, everyday things you need to know. We will answer your questions and show you samples of the curriculum. You have questions, we have answers (or we know how to find them)!

Homeschool Orientations AND/OR One-on-One Consultations:  Monday and Wednesday 10:30am and 2:30pm or by appointment only. 


What’s available at YOUR Resource and Retreat Center?

Diplomas: We also offer to print diplomas in the Resource Center. A diploma is a certificate of completion of your student’s high school program. It is issued by you. Most colleges, universities, and trade programs will ask you for a transcript, not a diploma, but there have been rare cases where a diploma is requested. If you would like us to print your diploma, please order ahead of time online or by phone so that we can be sure we have all the materials available to avoid delays when you come to pick it up. 

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ID Cards: Having a student id card for your homeschooled child can be helpful for receiving discounts at museums and other child-oriented activities.  It gives some parents comfort to have an id for their child when out and about in public.  This is especially helpful if your driving age child is driving alone to class and gets pulled over by a police officer.  The Homeschool ID provides proof that your child has the legal right to be out in public during school hours. Teacher Ids provide the parent teacher an id for receiving discounts at hotels, restaurants and more.

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Notary Services: FEAST  offers a Notary service for your official high school transcript. A Notary’s duty is to screen the signers of important documents — such as transcripts — for their true identity, their willingness to sign without duress or intimidation, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction.

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Report Cards: You, as the homeschool teacher, use report cards as a written or typed assessment of a student’s work/progress/conduct. A typical yearly report card can include but not limited to grades, extracurricular activities, volunteering work, reading lists, curriculum used, and achievements. As homeschool parents, it’s best to be proactive, protected, and organized by documenting our kids’ progress. 

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Transcripts: A more formal form of record-keeping, the majority of homeschooling families, use transcripts for college enrollment for grades 9-12. Transcripts typically include but not limited to classes you completed, when you completed them, and grades for each class completed, along with a grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities, any accomplishments, standardized testing scores, and volunteer work. The transcript becomes a legal document in the state of Texas once the parent/guardian who is homeschooling the child signs and dates the transcript. It is recommended that you have the transcript notarized after the completion of the 12th grade and store in a safe place.

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