FEAST hosted our first picnic for the 1000 Hour Playtime Challenge. This is an initiative to get families outside and active. It is estimated that the average American child spends 1200 hours per year on screen time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could devote 1000 hours of outdoor time to walking in our neighborhoods, visiting parks, walking trails, campsites, and places that help us enjoy the beauty of God’s creation?

We enjoyed the picnic with families who are making the commitment to get outside. While they were here at FEAST, they got to play games together, walk the trails in the Denman Estate Park, and of course, enjoy a picnic.

So, resolve as a family to get out, get active, and enjoy time together. For more information on how the program works and how to log your hours, please go to the website: 1000hoursoutside.com

For information or to come by and have the FEAST Staff sign off on your hours, contact the office at 210-342-4674 or staff@homeschoolfeast.com

Click here to learn more about the 1000 Hour Playtime Challenge.