Have You Been Outside Today?

         No? Well, get outside, it’s good for you!

FEAST continues to promote the educational advantages of children enjoying the great outdoors. Even a small yard can be the great outdoors to a small child. As we evaluate the evidence association between green space exposure and the outcome of multiple educational studies the results are shocking! It is unquestionable that being outdoor benefits the emotional, behavioral, neurocognitive, and general educational development of Children.

FEAST would like to remind you that we have green spaces reserved for the use of our homeschooling families on the FEAST property. You may be engaged in an in-depth study of entomology and need a place to observe bugs in their natural habitat, or maybe it is bird watching, or a need to be in a quiet woods. We have spaces that you can enjoy with your children.

Take a few minutes to purposefully work in time outdoors. If you need help, remember that FEAST has homeschool specialists on staff that can give you suggestions on how to enrich your homeschooling experience. Drop by when the world opens up, we will be here to help you.

Contact Staff@homeschoolfeast.com for more information on the 1000 hours of outside play or tips for working outdoor education into your homeschool schedule.

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