Operation Mobilize Homeschoolers
Tim Lambert from THSC
8-9:30pm, February 17, 2018

We are one bill away from losing freedoms in Texas.

The national media has called for a crackdown on homeschooling due to the Turpin case in California. Liberal unions and advocacy groups have united, calling on Democrats to invade the Mar. 6 Republican primary and oppose conservative pro-family candidates.

Our liberty is at stake this primary election.

Now is the time we must be proactive and work to elect legislators who will advocate for families in the Texas legislature, defending their God-given right and responsibility to raise and educate their own children. We cannot passively wait until harmful legislation is filed to then react.

In response to these threats, THSC is launching Operation Mobilize Homeschoolers in San Antonio on Feb. 17.

By attending this free event, you will get the inside scoop on how you can help raise the alarm and mobilize a strategic response to these attacks—plus, meet with local candidates who are committed to fighting for families!

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For Families,

Tim Lambert