FEAST is hosting…..

Game-Player Club
July 2, 16 & 30, 5-8pm at FEAST
$5 per person, per game night
($15 family max)
Ages 11 – Adults

Board games are FUN educational socialization! Take a break from digital devices and give face to face interaction a try! Top 5 reasons to attend the FEAST Game-Player Club:
• Board games teach strategy, forward thinking, socialization skills, logic, quick math, cause and effect, how to read opponents’ faces, good sportsmanship, communication skills, interacting respectfully, and SO MUCH MORE!
• Tweens, teens, and adults will love these challenging yet fun board games and will get hooked!
• This is a safe caring environment without pressure, and all skill levels are welcomed.
• It is so worth the drive! This is before traffic begins and ends after it is over.
• Research shows that students can be themselves, interact, and have constructive fun as they gain so many health benefits from playing board games.

The club’s purpose is to encourage participation in socialization and cooperation in a fun and friendly environment while playing various board and card games. Games may include modern games such as: Munchkin®, Splendor®, Ticket to Ride®, and Catan, and some classic ones such as Dutch Blitz, Stratego, Risk, and others.

This group is open to middle, high school, and college-age students (approximate ages 11 and up). Parents are welcomed to get involved or feel free to drop off your teens and go to dinner! This is also a great opportunity for college-age students to bring their younger siblings to have some fun! Game night is held in the Bluebonnet Portable Building. Park in the gated entrance near the portable buildings. For more information contact LuBeth Anderson lubethanderson@gmail.com 210-889-2941 or Jeanette Watje 830-360- 0112 jwatje@satx.rr.com

Game night is held in the Bluebonnet Portable Building.  Park in the gated entrance near the portable buildings.

Save the dates for July 2, 16, 30!