Come brainstorm as a group on the FEAST Events Team! Our goal is to embracing new ideas and develop innovative events that families need and attendees like to see! Serving on a team can be really fun especially when you get to dream big and come up with exciting ideas! Who do we want on our “Dream Team” for FEAST Events? One representative leader or member from each of the area support groups and co-ops, those who feel they have specific talents in the area of organization and planning, those that are willing to think outside the box and throw out crazy ideas that just might inspire awesome events, and those that are veteran home schoolers that have wisdom in the areas of family and home schooling. If this is you, come join our team! 

Demands are light and we work within your busy schedule.

Can’t serve on the FEAST “Dream Team” right now? We would still love to have YOUR input in the following areas:

  • Is there a workshop or event that you think would benefit other home schoolers?
  • Do you know a local speaker that would share their expertise? 
  • Is there a group, activity, or class that you would recommend for home schoolers?
  • Do you know of an organization, business or charity that has free resources or teaching opportunities for home schoolers?
  • Is there anyone that you would like to recommend to have a supporter table at one of our events?
  • Has God helped you accomplish any area that would benefit other home school families facing similar challenges?
  • Pray for us as we build our “Dream Team”!

Please send your responses to Thank you for helping us serve the home school community.