Blessings Bash
April 3, 2 – 4pm at FEAST
Save the Date and Start your Stash!

What is Blessings Bash?
• FREELY give and FREELY receive. No money will be exchanged.
• All home schoolers welcomed.
• You do not have to bring items in order to shop.
• Bring bags, boxes, or wagons to carry items to your car.
• Ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives for things they want to give away.

Spring cleaning helps you feel the need to get rid of clutter or excess stuff that brings you down! Start a Blessings Bash stash! Blessing others is a mindset and a life skill. Teach your children to have an attitude of gratitude and be good stewards of all with which we are blessed with. Start a box to collect things that you do not need and come to the FEAST Blessings Bash on April 3 and be blessed to see other home schoolers excited to shop for free. Here are some items you might come across and stash to bless others:
• Kitchen gadgets you never use.
• Clothes your family has outgrown.
• Toys they no longer play with.
• Curriculum or teaching materials.
• Knick knacks, decor, or other things you are tired of dusting.
• Sentimental items you never use; take a photo and bless someone else.
• Towels, sheets, curtains, or other household items just taking up space.
To volunteer for setup or for security, contact Jeanette Watje at