November 5, 2020 10am

We went on a bear hunt! Friends of FEAST joined us for our first annual Bear Hunt at the Resource and Retreat Center located in the Denman Estate Park, and boy did we have fun! With props in hand, our little hunters ages 3-6 participated in an

interactive read-aloud of Michael Rose’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. After earning their stuffed bear hunting license, the hunters were ready to do some tracking with their handcrafted binoculars.

The hunt took us to many interesting stops along the way. The hunters found signs of deer, a turtle nest with eggs that we believed had hatched, a beehive, and with the use of their binoculars, they spotted ducks in the adjacent park. We could smell signs of skunk, but luckily they are nocturnal, and we didn’t run into any. Whew!

After those encounters with nature, we headed to the wooded area in search of bears! We searched low for their tracks and high in the trees where the bears were hiding. As luck would have it, each hunter was able to hunt down a bear of their own! Success!

Once the hunt was over, the new hunting buddies had a picnic lunch in the beautiful Denman Estate Park. We hope to see them again next year, when we hunt for chances to learn more about the animals and their habitats in our beautiful setting and to hunt for more bears! Until then, friends, the bears will be hibernating in their den. Zzzzz

Archived Information

Hunters, ages 3-6, are invited to participate in a fun, and interactive reading of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rose. After completing the “hunting class” (the interactive read-aloud), participants will receive their stuffed animal hunting license and lanyard. With their license in tow, participants will be granted the opportunity to walk the grounds of the Denman Estate to hunt for a bear of their own. Families are encouraged to bring lunch so they can picnic at the adjacent city park with some of their new hunting buddies after the hunt.

Parents will receive a folder with fun and enriching extension activities that can be completed at home after the event. Once sign-up and payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email and a pre-hunting activity to complete and bring on the day of the hunt making the event all the more fun!

• The cost is $10 per child participating in the hunt
(the cost includes fun photo-ops, stuffed animal hunting license with lanyard, stuffed bear, interactive reading kit, and folder with extension activities)
• This activity is designed for ages 3-6.
• This opportunity will be limited to 20 hunters
(parents and non-participating family members are welcome to come and help with the hunt but must stay with the group and follow all hunting and safety guidelines)
• This event begins at 10am at FEAST’s Resource and Retreat Center
located at 7735 Mockingbird Lane, San Antonio, 78229 .
• Families are welcome to bring a sack lunch and picnic with their new hunting buddies at the adjacent city park after the event.
• Don’t forget to have your cameras ready for some fun surprise photo-ops as well!