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Veteran moms will be available for mentoring in the bookstore.

Schedule Burwood Hall Magnolia Small Gym
10-10:45am Engaging the Unmotivated Home SchoolerJennie Dagerath Home Schooling on the Cheap  – Kelly Beedle Support Booths Open
11-11:45am Hope and help for those with special needs children – Trudy Palmer Maintaining a Clean, Organized, and Beautiful Home School Environment Christy Cloud Support Booths Open
12-12:30pm Meet and greet with speakers in Burwood Hall   Support Booths Open
12:30-1pm Lunch Break  Concessions on the patio Support Booths Open
1-1:45pm Lose the Guilt, And Home School With JoySusan Macias How to Get it All DoneSheryl Hurlin Support Booths Open
2-2:45pm Coach & Cheerleader rather than DisciplinarianLynette Criddle Kitchen Work and Meals-Let’s Get a Plan!Kelly Beedle Support Booths Open
3-3:45pm Tips For Creating Fun Learning Experiences While Teaching Preschoolers & Early Elementary Children – Christy Cloud Home Schooling the High School Years – Sheryl Hurlin Support Booths Open
FEAST-ival Ends at 4pm Thank you for joining us!



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Workshop Descriptions

Engaging the Unmotivated Home Schooler Jennie Dagerath
Motivation can be a powerful thing. But what’s a mom to do when it seems gone? Are you struggling with an unmotivated homeschooler? Are you feeling unmotivated yourself? There is hope for you! Jennie Dagerath, a veteran homeschooling mom of almost 20 years, will share with you tips, insights and encouragement to help so that you will “not be weary in well doing.” Galatians 6:9. 

Maintaining a Clean, Organized, and Beautiful Homeschool Environment Christy Cloud
Have you ever started a great curriculum only to be forced to stop some lessons for a while because you simply cannot find it? Or you purchased it again, and then found it a week later! Talk about my organization wake-up call! Come be encouraged to learn some helpful tips on home organization. I will also share advice on cleaning the home, and how to create a beautiful atmosphere for learning. 

Lose the Guilt, and Homeschool With Joy Susan Macias
Most homeschool Moms struggle, trying to do it all. But we worry, are there any education holes? Will my kids be prepared for college? What about character training? How can we do more? How can we even do enough? Come to this workshop and get a dose of realism, humor, assurance, and ideas from a Mom with 25 years of experience. Bring some joy back into your homeschool classroom. Your children will thank you!

Home Schooling on the Cheap – Kelly Beedle Would you like to learn about some alternate options to the big, boxed curriculum sets on the market? If you have (slightly) more time than money, then this is the workshop for you! Susan will share inexpensive and FREE resources you can use to teach your scholars at home. The information presented will be useful if you are teaching an only child or heading up your own one-room schoolhouse. Whether you have a houseful of little ones or are ready to take on the rigors of high school, come learn how to save $$!

Kitchen Work and Meals-Let’s Get a Plan! Kelly Beedle
Saving time, money, and energy by making decisions ahead frees you up for the needs of the day. Let’s have a plan! Quick and easy meal planning using recipes your family already makes and enjoys will give you a great boost in making your day more efficient.

Home Schooling the High School Years Sheryl Hurlin
Yes, you can homeschool your high school student! Can’t remember Algebra, Geometry or Chemistry? No problem! Sheryl will encourage you that it is possible and give you ideas to make it happen. She’ll discuss setting up and implementing a plan for high school, teaching a Christian worldview, navigating the internet, preparing for college and building relationships with your teens. Most of all, Sheryl will help you to see that you can use these high school years to equip and prepare your students for life.

Would you rather be a coach & cheerleader than disciplinarian? Lynette Criddle
I grew up in a house where yelling was common. I was determined that my house would be peaceful, but I had no idea how. I’d like to share some tools and ideas with you that I believe can transform your home – by transforming attitudes and behavior. I’ve been gathering these over my 37 years of parenting 10 children (2 still in school this fall) and now watching some of my children parent our 13 grandchildren. These principles work from toddlers to teens. I’ll give you a hint: “It’s about helping your children to develop self-control & eventually spirit-control.”

How to Get it All Done   Sheryl Hurlin 
Do you ever wonder how to fit homeschooling, laundry, house cleaning, cooking, and babies into a 24 hour day? Come learn tips gathered from experienced homeschoolers. Topics include schedules, chores, expectations, seasons of life, ministry and relationships. Be encouraged that the Lord will “equip you with everything good for doing his will”. Hebrews 13:21


Tips For Creating Fun Learning Experiences While Teaching Preschoolers & Early Elementary Children   Christy Cloud
Learning is happening in the lives of your young children all of the time, whether they know it or not. Come discover fun and purposeful homeschooling methods you can incorporate during those early years. Christy will address teaching those precious preschoolers, along with sharing tips and resources for developing basic math and reading skills during the early elementary years to get off to a great start! 

Help and Hope for Those with Special Needs Children   Trudy Palmer
This workshop will cover some of the most important information I have discovered during the many years of teaching special needs students. Much of the information also applies to all learners, but many times, special needs students require extra attention paid to these areas as they are not automatically processing the foundational information in order to build the higher order thinking skills required for reading, writing, and math. The topics will include: life-skill training and discipline/rewards, child development and motor development, pre-reading necessities, visualization and verbalization, and nutritional intervention and diet. I have worked one-on-one with countless students since my tutoring/teaching career began in 1978 (Yes, I am a grammy!), and I have researched and used many successful techniques to provide help and hope to those families who are struggling to create a better life and method of education for their children.