ID Cards for Homeschool Families:  Having a student id card for your homeschooled child can be helpful for receiving discounts at museums and other child-oriented activities.  It gives some parents comfort to have an id for their child when out and about in public.  This is especially helpful if your driving age child is driving alone to class and gets pulled over by a police officer.  The Homeschool id provides proof that your child has the legal right to be out in public during school hours.

Teacher Id’s provide the parent teacher an id for receiving discounts at hotels, restaurants and more.

how to make a diplomaDiplomas:  We also offer to print diplomas in the Resource Center. A diploma is a certificate of completion of your student’s high school program. It is issued by you. Most colleges, universities, and trade programs will ask you for a transcript, not a diploma, but there have been rare cases where a diploma is requested. If you would like us to print your diploma, please order ahead of time online or by phone so that we can be sure we have all the materials available to avoid delays when you come to pick it up.


Transcripts, Report Cards and Notary Services:  For Information on Transcripts, Report Cards and Notary Services, see our page.

Where Can I Pick Up These Resources?

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