October 9-11, 2020
DEADLINE to register October 2

All homeschoolers are invited! 

Camp Eagle near Rocksprings, Texas  (2 1/2 hour drive west of SA)

Zipline, rapelling, kayaking, mountain bike trails, and more! 

I know this can be a challenge so putting this upfront, sorry but camp policy is NO PETS ALLOWED.  This is an unplug weekend! The camp has almost NO cell service and some WIFI.

Do not miss this family fun weekend!

If you have any questions, feel free to call 830-481-2198 or email jwatje@satx.rr.com

Here is all you have to look forward to!

What is Camp Eagle

Competitor magazine declared Camp Eagle “Texas’ best adventure destination.” It’s no surprise with 1400 acres of rugged Hill Country along with natural caves, a quarter mile of 150′ limestone cliffs, and 1.5 miles of the crystal clear Nueces River. That’s more natural resources jammed into one space than most camps across the nation can claim. It is known for their mountain biking trails!

More camp info and pics here https://campeagle.org/camp-facilities/

Required Fees

Land Use Fee: $10 per person land usage fee for the weekend.

Lodging Fees & Options:

  • SSV Dorm up to 14 people (must be in the same household due to covid) $80 per night
  • Tent $15 per tent, per night (We are tent camping near the SSV building. There are 2 toilets at that building. The showers are a long hike uphill behind the mine area. So if you want a shower, you have been forewarned.)
  • RV slot $35 per night (These are a walk or drive past the mine area near the Yurt meeting building. This is not close to where we will be camping, but you can ride bikes or drive easily.)

How to Sign Up

Convinced you gotta come? These 4 things are what you do next to ensure you are registered and paid for your family adventure at Camp Eagle!

Please do not call camp eagle, Jeanette Watje is your contact person!

1) Choose and pay for lodging (dorm, tent, hotel, and rv slot) here: https://housing.campeagle.camp/reservations/a0L3r00000YVurJ

2) Email Jeanette Watje at jwatje@satx.rr.com  to be sent a personal link for the next registration step. If you do not register in these 2 ways (paying camp eagle and Jeanette) your registration is not complete.

3)  The registration form will give you a total for activities and the land use fee. Pay your total through Paypal. My email address is jwatje@satx.rr.com 

3) Sign this waiver for each person attending https://waiver.campeagle.camp/0063r000010mAmO/event/selection

4)  All family members must read and adhere to these guidelines.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KaEe2JFHxPBHB0aACoHXEBbFGVB3qpS6tiAPP8HSrN8/edit?usp=sharing

Free Activities

  • Kayaking (Must wear life vest provided, all those under 18 must be supervised by an adult.)
  • Sports ( Sand Volleyball/ Basketball/ Tetherball/Horseshoes, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Guided Hike 
  • Catch and Release fishing (bring all your own gear and bait and adults need a fishing license)
  • Disc Golf
  • Mountain biking (Bring your bikes! Trails are everywhere! Maps provided. Helmets are a MUST!)

Paid Activities

If you are like me and just watch, you do not have to pay for these activities.  Prices $10 per activity, per person. We need a minimum of 25 to reserve these activities, If we do not have 25, we must cancel the activity.

Zipline 850

Here’s your opportunity to soar down our flagship dual 850-foot zip lines at up to 30 mph! Our most accessible zip line, it’s a great activity for all ages. There is not a minimum age for the Zip line, they just need to be able to fit into our smallest harness. From my experience, a 4 or 5 yr old may fit in the harness.

Headwaters Barn

Designed for young children to early middle school, it’s a paradise for play that provides thrills in a more manageable setting. Complete with a barn swing, crate stacking, and a high catwalk kids can safely climb up and get lowered back down on a cable or on a spiral tube slide!


Hike up to the  top of the cliff and then step off and rappel down the rock wall.


 Remember that you are camping in the wild, so think carefully about how you plan meals.  I know that people think of cooking eggs and bacon in a cast iron skillet when camping, but we suggest that you make things that are easy and don’t make a lot of mess, like cereal and breakfast bars, sandwiches, and so on.  We also use paper plates so we don’t have to spend time cleaning dishes, which gives us more time for fun and adventure.  Also we are not allowed to have ground fires, so for cooking we suggest you bring a camp stove, BBQ pit, or grill to cook over. 

Convenience! In the dining hall, we have access to two full refrigerators, two microwaves, ice machine, and two tables for prepping meals.

We also have an indoor meeting space, with a refrigerator and a microwave. Please be mindful, the refrigerator space is to be shared, so plan wisely and only bring food you need and use your ice chests for most of your food.

There is electricity that we can plug crock pots in.

No ground fires allowed. You may bring a portable grill with charcoal or propane.

Make sure you bring everything you need, the closest grocery store or any store is 1 ½ hours away.


 Tentative schedule (depending on how many we have and other groups at camp, times may change)


  • Check in after 2 PM 
  • Setup camp or any Free activities listed below


  • 9:00    Zipline $10 per person 
  • 2:00 Barn $10 per person
  • 8:30     Smores! Some fixins provided, but I suggest bring more!


  • 9:00    Rapelling $10 per person
  • Eat Lunch
  • Pack up
  • Must leave camp by 2 PM

Getting There

The dirt road to camp eagle is 8 miles and is not easy for low vehicles like sport cars. Be aware how you pack your things as they will get shaken up. Trucks and suvs will be fine. It has low water crossings as well.

BEWARE! Gas up in Kerrville so you do not run out! There is only one place nearby to get gas and it is expensive. But you may wanna stop for some jerky! Info here   https://www.garvenstore.com/

To get to Camp Eagle, ya’ll will be heading about 2 hours west of the Alamo city on asphalt, and about half an hour south on a dirt road.  The address is 6424 Hackberry Rd., Rocksprings, TX 78880.


COVID restrictions: If outside, no masks required. Inside, they are required around anyone not in your household except when eating.

Random Bits

  • Please be aware, the cell phone signal is VERY sketchy there and not reliable. If you need to get in contact with those on site, you may want to bring walkie talkies.
  • Wifi is available in the office foyer and the coffee house. If you climb a mountain, you may be able to get a signal there?
  • Bring board games, outdoor equipment, everything that your family would like to do!
  • Camp Eagle does not allow pets. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Got Questions

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeanette Watje at 830-481-2198 or email jwatje@satx.rr.com

If you can’t make these dates, there are many other ways to get away as a family. Here is fall family camp and they have father daughter, mother son, and couples retreats too!  https://campeagle.org/retreats/family-retreats/#fall-family-camp

Other Dates