Generation Joshua

May 11 – 12, 2017 – 9am – 6pm
Ages 11 – 19
Early Registration is: $140 for Patriot Pass Holders and $150 non-Patriot Pass Holders

Registration Deadline April 28.

The mob has murdered the daughter of a US Senator, and the local brass has pulled out all the stops to find the guilty party. A Federal Grand Jury has been summoned to investigate the evidence and issue an indictment for murder. The problem is that there are three possible suspects. Each had opportunity, means, and possibly a motive, so whom do they take to trial?

The Generation Joshua iObject program puts teens on the front lines of the judicial system, allowing them to actually see the evidence that is used to bring people to trial and the difficulties that face a system of justice. GenJ provides a view of the justice system in the United States that is rarely seen by people but is vital to how we serve justice in America. Students get to question witnesses, examine evidence and learn what is and is not allowed in testimony while working to solve a perplexing murder from the 1930s. Discussions of what it means to be an engaged citizen, America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage, and standing up for what is right will be interspersed throughout the simulation.

GenJ participants will determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to bring a suspect to trial or if the prosecution seems to be targeting an innocent man. The Grand Jury is a constitutional shield to prevent a prosecutor from charging someone with a crime without sufficient evidence, and also acts to ensure that the guilty are actively prosecuted. Teens will be given the chance to determine who is innocent and who should be charged. And maybe, just maybe, ensure justice is done. It’s not easy, but it is a crucial part of our system of justice. Register Now to be part of Generation Joshua’s iObject.

In order to book the event with GenJ, FEAST must have a minimum of 25 committed students. NOTE: If you cannot make full payment at the time of registration, but are committed to attend, please contact to arrange a payment plan. Space is limited so Register Today!