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A diploma is a certificate of completion of your student’s high school program. It is issued by you. Most colleges, universities, and trade programs will ask you for a transcript, not a diploma, but there have been rare cases where a diploma is requested.

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Base option is for a blank diploma starts at $6.00 plus tax

Add-on Options:

  • Diploma with Printing seal and ribbon +10.00 plus tax
  • Diploma with Printing seal and ribbon plus Leatherette Covering + $29.00 plus tax)

Sample Diploma

Fig.1 – Sample Diploma, This images is a sample product and do not reflect the current product

ID Cards for Homeschool Families:  Having a student id card for your homeschooled child can be helpful for receiving discounts at museums and other child-oriented activities.  It gives some parents comfort to have an id for their child when out and about in public.  This is especially helpful if your driving age child is driving alone to class and gets pulled over by a police officer.  The Homeschool id provides proof that your child has the legal right to be out in public during school hours.

Sample Student ID Card

Fig. 2 – Student Sample ID Card, This images is a sample product and do not reflect the current product

ID Card options:

  • New ID Card $12.00 plus tax
  • Replacement ID Card $6.00 plus tax

What is a Report Card? A typed assessment of a student’s work/progress/conduct. A typical yearly report card can include but not limited to grades, extracurricular activities, volunteering work, reading lists, curriculum used, and achievements. As homeschool parents, it’s best to be proactive, protected, and organized by documenting our kids’ progress.

Are Report Cards Required? Though Texas law does not require us to test or grade our child/student, many homeschool parents can use report cards/transcripts to keep track of milestones, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities for documentation or keepsakes. Typically, transcripts will be required for: a graduate entering college or trade school, for high school dual credit, and likely, for returning the child to public or private school if desired.

Report Card options:

  • Elementary/Middle School $5.00 plus tax
  • High School $5.00 plus tax

Sample Report Card

Fig. 3 – Sample Report Card Cover, This images is a sample product and do not reflect the current product

What is a Transcript

A more formal form of record-keeping, the majority of homeschooling families, use transcripts for college enrollment for grades 9-12. Transcripts typically include but are not limited to classes you completed, when you completed them, and grades for each class completed, along with a grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities, accomplishments, standardized testing scores, and volunteer work. The transcript becomes a legal document in the state of Texas once the parent/guardian who is homeschooling the child signs and dates the transcript. It is recommended that you have the transcript notarized after the completion of the 12th grade and store it in a safe place.

Are Transcript Required?

For children in 8th grade and younger, transcripts may be needed if returning the child to public/private school, it depends on the school. For children 9th grade and older a transcript will be required for: a graduated student entering college or trade school, for high school dual credit with college, and likely, for returning the child to public/private school.

While this is something you can accomplish on your own, we know it is a daunting task. We have a couple of ways to help you complete your transcript:

  • Transcript Instructional Package:
    • This includes transcript templates with long and short versions, examples, instructions on how to complete them, a PDF of TEA diploma plans, and GPA calculation information, and we will provide transcript review and notarization.
  • Transcript Instructional Assistance Service:
    • This is a 30-minute session designed to assist and help you complete your transcripts. This service, however, does not include the required Transcript Template or Notary Services, both are provided at an additional cost
  • Transcript Review:
    • This option can help review your transcript with the information you provide. This review is just to make sure are required documentation is contained within your packet. Remember, the responsibility for the accuracy of the information still falls to you, the parent. FEAST cannot sign nor validate its validity. 

Transcript Document options:

  • Transcript Instructional Package $25.00 plus tax
  • Transcript Template $15.00 plus tax

Transcript Service options:

  • Transcript Instructional Assistance Service $35.00**
  • Transcript Review $10.00
  • Notary Services $6.00

**(does not include Transcript Template or Notary Services)