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Math and Piano
Haley Beck

I offer piano lessons to beginner pianists. I have taken lessons for 8 years and played many times at my church. I have played many things from duets to classical pieces to hymns to church accompaniment to contemporary songs. Piano is such a lovely skill for any child to learn and I believe that it greatly benefits the mind.

For anyone interested in piano lessons, I offer 15 minute or 30 minute lessons for $1.15/minute.

Additionally, I am a 20 year old college student who was homeschooled my entire life. After being homeschooled along with my 8 siblings and attending various co-ops, I really appreciate the benefits of homeschooling. I was blessed to have an excellent math teacher in high school that instilled in me a love of mathematics. I see many children struggling through their math courses and acquiring a strong dislike for this subject. It is my desire to aid children in liking math and succeeding in those classes. I have tutored many children (4th-11th grade) our the last 2 years.

If anyone would like tutoring services I offer 1 hr sessions for $45/hr.

Haley Beck


Kacee Carlson 210-445-8669 carlsonf16@gmail.com
Hi! I am a certified math teacher, with years of experience tutoring all math subjects through calculus.  I cater to the homeschool student and family, offering private tutoring or personal/group instruction, Monday – Friday, 8am-3pm.  I also offer ACT/SAT test preparation.  I live in the Stone Oak area, and can tutor at my home or I will come to you.  My rate for tutoring at my home is $35/hour.  Don’t let math get you stressed – I’d love to help!  

Dorian Reeves 210-325-5718

Introducing Ms. Dorian’s Scholars – An individualized, small group approach to teaching for grades K-3 based on students’ unique learning styles… because every child learns differently and has potential to reach the stars. Ms. Dorian’s Scholars will offer a morning and afternoon session for small group instruction with a multisensory, research based, explicit curriculum for reading, writing, and math.  I have been teaching children with learning differences and early intervention reading for more than 20 years in both private and public schools with The Winston School as my last teaching home for the past 13 years. I have training in many mainstream and LD methodologies, including Orton Gillingham methodologies.

 I look forward to speaking with you!

Grace Smelser210 316-5894,  graces.tutor@gmail.com

My teaching experience is eight years in Kindergarten and First grades. I have been a private tutor for the past four years. It’s very satisfying helping small children gain academic confidence in their reading and math skills. After doing an informal academic assessment, getting your input, reviewing progress reports and or teacher recommendations, a tutoring plan will be created and discussed with you. In my sessions, I utilize many hands-on materials, games, reading books, workbooks, etc. to meet the needs of your child from grades PreK-2nd. The tutoring session can be at their school, the library or at a coffee shop.

Zachary Zagnoni  zachzag521@gmail.com
My name is Zachary Zagnoni and am a recent graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio with my Bachelors degree in Mathematics. Three years ago, I started up my own tutoring business out of my house with a lot of success and a lot of business. I began tutoring online after COVID-19 to reach a wider audience and to help more people. I love to play piano and have an avid participation in video game tournaments but love to keep myself healthy and fit with a healthy mind and body. I love to tutor because I want to be able to help everyone achieve their dreams as I am attempting to do with my own business ideas that will revolutionize efficiency while protecting belongings and bringing scientific advancements towards the construction industry. Tutoring is one of the most uplifting and amazing things that I have ever got to do and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being able to see students succeed after my lessons and being able to go about what they want to do is the most enjoyable thing to watch. Also, myself having had ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, I can help students who have it overcome their fears of talking to people or with their hyperactivity because as it was a struggle for me, I can alleviate their worries earlier. 
I love to help out students so please come back at anytime to enjoy more of my geekiness and beloved enjoyment of helping you guys out!!!!!

Pat Jenkins.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s degree in Multi-disciplinary Science.  I taught for 13 years at the Winston School San Antonio, a college prep school for children with learning disabilities.  I am good at explaining concepts in different ways to help students understand.  I am also good at using manipulatives to teach abstract concepts.  I tutor in the JOY Co-op and have homeschooled my now-grown children.  You can contact me at mathscienceoma@gmail.com or by phone at 210 535-6895.

Nathan Bruce

I am a Christian homeschool parent and professional tutor specializing in middle and high school math. As a certified teacher I have experience in middle school math, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus, and middle and high school study periods for students needing extra support.

My wife and I were both raised in homeschool families. Now we are homeschooling our own children and I’d love to support your education journey. Math can be daunting, especially as it starts getting more complex in the higher grades. I love turning what feels confusing and complicated into something students can use with confidence to grow their thinking skills, complete complex tasks, and prepare for whatever is in their future.

I love God, my family, and working and playing outdoors. I am passionate about teaching and learning, and my desire is to equip and encourage parents and students in the best possible classroom—their own home.