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Manny Pellaez – City Councilman from District 8

June 9 – August 4, 2020
Tuesdays & Thursdays Online – 10am-3:30pm

After 23 years of summer reading, getting together to do reports, and win prizes, we find ourselves making the decision to take our summer reading online. We’re bringing Summer Reading right into the comfort of your own homes! We are keeping it simple but hoping that we can still find ways for us to connect. Using the internet, email, facetime, phone calls and any other electronic method that will keep us safe and still let us celebrate the accomplishments of our children building their reading list.

Summer 2020 finds our summer readers stuck mostly close to home to prevent catching a terrible “bug” called the COVID virus. Make your days go by a little faster by reading. Pick up a good book and enjoy; it won’t be long until your students catch the bug… the reading bug that is! No need to be exposed, our contest is totally virtual, using online and electronic technology as well as phone communications.

Just a few books a day for a little one can have a significant impact on their reading skills. For our older students, really digging deep into literature is one way to change their comprehension of the novel forever. 



Quick Links to Forms

Summer Reading Guidelines

Who may participate?

  • Homeschool children affiliated with FEAST ages 5-19. (4 years old if able to read and write on their own )
  • Public, private, or parochial school children ages 5-19 who live in Bexar County or have a homeschooling friend or family member.
  • Students age 5 – grade 12 will grow in so many ways as they add reading good books to their list of summer activities. Think of these changes as a sort of “metamorphosis” as you grow wiser and smarter with each book you read.

What books can the participants read?

  • Students may read any book approved by their parents. Books must be at their appropriate age and reading level and should foster positive, wholesome attitudes and provide quality entertainment and knowledge. Awards will not be given for books that contain any of the following: witchcraft, sorcery, gory violence, satanic theology, or worldly romance.
  • We expect children to read books that are at or above their recommended age reading level. If you are not sure of the reading level of a book, consult with a FEAST team member or a librarian at a public library.

Where and when will it be held?

  • Summer Reading will be held Online on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • A Final Celebration will NOT be held.  Winners will be announced for all to see (virtual)and gift cards mailed out to all winners 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and grand prize Winner.

How do I participate?   

  1. Register Online
  2. Teens keep track of hours read for the form.
  3. Read Your Books and Fill Out The forms. You may print them OR fill them out digitally.
    1. Child (MSWord, PDF)
    2. Teen (MSWord, PDF)
  4. Sign Up for a Time Slot to Give your Digital Book Report

What are the Awards?

  • At the conclusion of the contest, August 11th, the winners from each category will be posted on our website, and gift cards will be sent for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for most books read.  Winners will be featured in the September MANNA Magazine.
  • As an added incentive, FEAST will be awarding virtual Badges for reaching each of the Books Read Levels! You can only earn them by reading books in the FEAST Summer Reading Contest. So get ready to catch the reading bug and tell your friends that they are welcome to play also!

Volunteers and Prize Donations:

  • We appreciate any help we receive for the FEAST Summer Reading Program. If you would like to donate money for gift card awards or would like to volunteer on the Summer Reading Team, please contact us, and we are happy to assist you!

We are TREMENDOUSLY grateful for all our donors, who so graciously contributed to 2019’s prizes:

  • Buckhorn/Texas Ranger Museum
  • Viola’s Ventanas
  • El Chaparral restaurant
  • San Antonio Zoo
  • Sea World
  • Car-Vel Skate Center
  • Sonic
  • UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures
  • ZDT’s
  • Embassy Miniature Golf
  • Green Acres Golf and Games, Inc.
  • Fuddruckers
  • Main Event
  • McDonald’s
  • Magik Theatre
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Rudy’s BBQ
  • Joy Academy of Music
  • Oasis Snacks and Purified Water
  • H-E-B
  • Half Price Books

2020 Summer Readers’ Progress

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