Find our FEAST organized field trips below and scroll down for a list of local homeschool days.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind; remember your manners will be on display to the world. Please discuss these to equip your children and
have a great time wherever you go!

  • Call the coordinator and inform them of sickness or an emergency that will prevent you from attending.
  • Prepare the night before.
  • Be on time (15 minutes early should be your rule)
  • Clothes should be clean, neat, modest and appropriate for the event.
  • If you sign up – show up, they are expecting you.
  • SMILE! Be friendly, welcoming, and introduce yourself to others.
  • Cell phones on vibrate, no texting during the tour. No headphones or earbuds.
  • Be considerate of others, follow all rules.
  • Be respectful and polite to others, say thank you, excuse me, etc.
  • Pay attention to your guide and listen well. Think of thoughtful questions.
  • Bathroom stop before the tour begins.
  • Supervise your children carefully at all times.
  • Ask before you touch and only touch what you are told you may touch.
  • If snacks or meals are included, pick up after yourself and help remind others.
  • Noisy children or babies may distract the guide or others. Quietly move them to the back of the group as a courtesy.

Active Field Trips

Inflatable Wonderland

January 22, 2020 10am-9pm

$7 Ages 11 and under

No charge for 12-year-olds and up

Rolling Oaks Mall 6909 TX-1604 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78247

Come jump, laugh and play at Inflatable Wonderland! Inflatable Wonderland is a Christian owned company. They play family-friendly music. This is a great place to meet friends and let the kids play! Reasonably priced cafe for everyone to eat!

Jumps, bounce scape, and play equipment are for ages 11 and under, siblings 12 and older can play arcade games, watch a movie, do schoolwork, etc.

Socks, Adult supervision, and a signed waiver are required and your wristband is good for the entire day! Come and go as you like.

Pets at Feast Humane Society Comes to FEAST
January 29,2020  1pm
7735 Mockingbird Lane, San Antonio, 78229