The Alliance (The National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership) has declared November 3, 2017, to be National Home School Day of Prayer.

FEAST would like you to support this day of prayer through your commitment to pray for FEAST and the home schooling families in our area. Please keep the FEAST Organization always on your prayer list as we depend on donations as our primary source for financial health. Pray for the Lord to continue to bless and guide the FEAST Board, Executive Director, Support Leadership, Office Staff as well as our FEAST Volunteers, that collectively serve the families in our region of Texas! Contact our FEAST Executive Director, Linda Whiten at  to find out how you can join in the blessings at FEAST! For more information about the work going on at FEAST, go to

THSC encourages you to support this effort through your commitment to pray and to promote this to home schooling families in our state!  Tim Lambert reminds us to pray specifically for theHarvey Hurricane victims as they rebuild and for favor with the judges of the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals as they hear our case for free speech on November 8. For more information on the work going on with THSC, go to

National prayer for New York

We will be specifically praying for the needs of New York home schoolers, the most oppressed in the nation. New York State Loving Education At Home (NYS LEAH) leadership has shared their prayer concerns with the Alliance. New York is the most regulated state in America. Home school families must submit seven different documents to their school district annually, for each child. The regulations are overseen by the NY State Education Department (SED) and administered by the Superintendent of Education of each of the hundreds of school districts across New York. This causes great stress upon and even oppression of home school families as they work through the varying requirements.

New York Prayer Needs:

  • This is a spiritual battle. While might is needed, the battle will be won by prayer. Pray for victories in the spiritual realm that will pave the way for victories on the ground.
  • The weekend of November 3rd and 4th is LEAH’s annual Fall Fellowship event for the regional leaders. Pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen and equip these saints for the work at hand.
  • Pray that God will raise up more laborers to share the vision and more resources to meet the challenges.
  • During this fall season, LEAH is targeting a dozen New York Assemblymen who can collectively force needed legislation out of committee for a vote. Pray for favor in the halls of power, for wisdom, for protection, and for victory.
  • Home schoolers in many districts are burdened by those who “oversee” the application of NY’s home school regulations. Pray that home schoolers will have the wisdom, the courage, and the right information to counter these attacks successfully.
  • Several NY home schoolers have filed a lawsuit against the City of New York and its Education Department for its long history of harassing home schoolers. Pray for wisdom and insight for the legal team, and that the outcome of this lawsuit will have a statewide impact and improve the homeschooling environment for all.

This day of prayer is being supported by:
FEAST (Family Educators Alliance of South Texas)
THSC (Texas Home School Coalition)
The Alliance (The National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership)
HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)
Alliance state affiliates