Presentation by Susan Dallam, COO of Bright Ideas Press
May 17,  10am – 2pm, FEAST Cypress Room

Are you new to home schooling or just looking for a change in your learning adventure? Are you stepping into junior high or high school years? Home school learning choices have exploded as families can design their own unit studies, select from traditional curricula, participate in co-ops and engage in online classes! Free yourself from the idea that you must create every educational experience yourself! Rather, explore how to curate a well-tailored collection of learning resources and opportunities for the unique passions and needs of your students and family!
Susan Dallam, COO of Bright Ideas Press, will walk you through that curating process while sharing insight into teaching methods and learning styles.
Bright Ideas Press resources lend themselves readily to all learning styles and are inclusive of multiple grades. Would you like to see what a week with Bright Ideas Press curriculum might look like for your family, including humanities, science, history, and geography? We will cover that too!
Stop in to listen, to explore, to inquire, to plan—for as little or as long as you’d like. We’re here to help and to inspire you to make this year your best learning adventure yet!