Bill Taylor, KENS5-TV weather man, will bring out the KENS5 “Tubetrotters” (staff) to help FEAST raise money to refinish our gym floor! The KENS5 “Tubetrotters” will play two games at FEAST. The first game will be against the FEAST Patriot Coaches! We know KENS5 can do “News”, but can they play “ball?” We will see as we cheer on our great FEAST Patriot Coaches, commonly known as our dedicated, dynamic, dads!

The second game will feature the “Tubetrotters” as they take on our home school students of all ages, the FEAST Dream Team! The rules for this game get a little complex, as FEAST is permitted to continually add players to the FEAST Dream Team throughout the game, while the KENS5 “Tubetrotters” remain with only 5 players. This is going to be a blast! By the time the second game is over, the court will be packed with Patriot Athletes of all ages! Bring the family out for these back to back games, and let your kids become part of the “FEAST Team” for this great fundraiser. KENS 5 will film the event, and highlights will air on the 10pm KENS – TV Newscast! If your kids and Patriot Athletes plan on joining in on the FEAST Dream, please have them wear either their FEAST Sports Uniform or a FEAST Patriot Spirit Wear T-shirt and comfortable rubber sole shoes. (FEAST Dream Team participants do not have to be currently registered with FEAST Sports, but they must be wearing the aforementioned clothing to participate on the court) This will be a fun time for the whole family.

We are so thankful for the KENS5-TV Staff and the “Tubetrot- ters” for giving their time and talents to bless our community in this great way. Helping FEAST raise the needed funds for our gym repairs is a great blessing!

Concessions will be available along with a FEAST Spirit Wear table. Stop by and donate as the Lord directs. Together we can make a difference for our kids!

For more information contact, The FEAST Bookstore has a limited number of spirit wear items in stock. Show your “Patriot Pass” and get a 10% discount on your purchase!