Hi! I’m Layne Maganda, and I’m the newest member of the FEAST family. My husband, Carlos, and I have been married for 21 years and have two boys. Our eldest son is a senior in high school, and our youngest is in 7th grade. I first came to FEAST through sports, then was recruited as a volunteer after attending a transcript consultation. After 11 years of experience as a parent educator, 2 months as a FEAST volunteer and Project Manager, I am now one of the very busy Resource Specialists helping new and seasoned homeschooling families.
I remember the early days of homeschooling and the stress I felt to do it “right.” My hope is to help others relax and enjoy their wonderful ride! During my early years, I taught all subjects but gradually outsourced the teaching (writing being the first thing). I’d love to help parents find the right balance of teaching and outsourcing to meet the needs of their family.

In my early homeschooling years in Atlanta, I remember wishing there was a central resource center for gathering homeschooling information. FEAST is that resource for the San Antonio area, and I love that I get to be a part of helping parents access this information hub!
As a Project Manager, I am currently working on the Spelling Bee and Science Workshops. As a volunteer, I’ve been tasked with updating the local homeschool co-op, club, and park day groups’ lists located on FEAST’s website. If you know of a group not currently on our list, or find one that needs updating, email me so I can update our page and help share your group’s information with homeschooling families. I hope to see you soon here at one of our upcoming events!

I’ve assisted with the Science Workshops and am working on our 27th annual Spelling BEE. We’ve added something new this year with two Spelling BEE study sessions. We held the first in November, where we played a series of games, including: Hop-Scotch Spelling, Spell-O (Spelling Bingo), and Invisible Man. Join us for our next one on December 8th at 10am.
I’m also updating the Co-op/Support group lists we provide on our website. If you know of a co-op we’re missing, please contact me at so I can add them to our site.
The Resource Center staff (Kitty, Rose, Joel & I) will be hosting an Open House for Co-op and Support Group leaders on December 13th and 14th. All are welcome to come see our facilities (including the Rosemont mansion), meet our staff, and help us know how to better serve their Co-op/Group!

27th Annual FEAST Spelling Bee Project Manager


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