Imagine if you could have the benefits of dual-enrollment through the Academy at Houston Baptist University…right here in San Antonio through dual credit classes. This is a survey to see if there is an interest to have dual credit classes in conjunction with the FEAST Co-op. We would need a minimum of 20 students to move forward with setting up the classes.

We do not know the pricing structure as we would negotiate that if we get enough students. Please read below to see the benefits and details of the classes. If you are interested, please contact Linda Whiten at to have your student placed on the interest list.

Benefits: Helps students and families limit college debt by reducing the number of semesters or years students attend a traditional, four-year university. Further, dual-credit can allow students to advance their university studies beyond what most can achieve in four years.
Decidedly Rigorous Curriculum
Academy students are trained to learn directly from primary sources, using class time to engage with their professor and classmates as they seek increased understanding of the text at hand. By emphasizing reading, writing, and critical thinking, the Academy seeks to cultivate skills that transcend academic disciplines and are both applicable and necessary for all college majors and career paths.
Distinctively Classical Approach
In keeping with HBU’s Ten Pillars, the Academy extends the challenges and rewards of university classes to area high school students, providing them with the opportunity to earn transferable college credit through a flexible yet rigorous curriculum founded on great works of Western civilization. Our approach is straightforward yet challenging, seamlessly integrating university standards and credits into a rich and rewarding high school experience.
List of possible classes HBU Dual Credit Courses
English 1313: Composition and Literature I – The Greeks, Romans, and Early Christianity
History 2311 – Western Civilization and the Foundations of Europe
Great Books III – Philosophy 1313: Introduction to Philosophy: Politics, Skepticism, and the Novel
Great Books IV – ENGL 1323: Composition and Literature II – The Moderns
History 2313 – US History to 1877
To see the list of courses with class descriptions click here.