2020 Virtual College Fair

FEAST families, homeschooled students, and parents are encouraged to register and participate in the FREE Virtual College Fair with TACRAO.


FEAST HAS RESERVED NOVEMBER 5, 2020 AT 6PM specifically for homeschoolers in the San Antonio and South Texas Region. Reps will be familiar with Texas Homeschool Laws and will be ready to answer your college admissions as well as other questions about their school.

What is It

College fairs offer students and their families vital information about college admission, financial aid, campus life, and how to select the best-fit college. This year’s virtual college fair means students and families can conveniently explore hundreds of higher education options, including visiting booths and having live one-on-one interactions with recruiters from colleges, universities, technical schools, and military branches from the comfort of their home. You must register to attend.

Why Should I Participate

  • High School Sophomores and Freshmen should begin the process of looking at colleges so it can be narrowed down and college admission requirements can be added to one’s curriculum. This event helps in that process while bringing the colleges to you.
  • High School Juniors should visit Colleges campuses and prepare to take the SAT or ACT, as their particular college choice requires.  This event allows you to ask these questions in person; which can be especially helpful if reading websites overwhelms you as well as having them all in one place. This event also helps you make sure you know the application deadlines.
  • High School Seniors may need a bit of help playing catch up in the application process. This event can help you find a contact person to help you in that process.

What Colleges Will Be In Attendance

How to Register

  • NOTE: Chrome gives a warning that their website is not passing the password securely. This means you should choose a GENERIC password that you don’t use for anything else, because it’s NOT safe.
  • Registration allows the universities you talk to know how to get in contact with you so you don’t have to repeat the info every single time.
  • Go here to register