“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Psalm 133:1


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January 2021

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

As a team, FEAST high school soccer has been working hard this season to become better and as a result, they have been making everything and everyone around them better too. While I can only speak for myself, I can say that the time that I have spent coaching them has been one of the greatest blessings God has given me. In a year full of darkness and frustration due to COVID, the days I’ve spent coaching have been some of my brightest.

So, needless to say, I’ve been having loads of fun.It took us some time to gel as a team and get going with some unlucky results at first, but we won our first game last week against Castle Hills. We played hard and we were the better side for most of the game, attacking continually, winning 50/50 balls, and keeping the play in the opposing half for long periods of the game. We’ve scored eight goals within three games, including the extra girls-only game against St. Mary’s Hall. It may have taken us a game or two to get going, but now that we’ve found our stride, I’m sure there will be many more goals and triumphs to look forward to this season.

Player development has been and will continue to be the focus and key to our success. As I stated in my coaching bio, I have little concern with the score lines of our games. I am much more concerned with how we play. Do we play as a team? Are we passing the ball effectively? Are we making the correct runs into space and off the ball? These are the questions that keep me motivated and thriving. Every day I think about how we can improve and how I can design a drill or a practice session that will train a particular skill or combination.

Soccer is a tough sport. Just the physical demands are daunting, let alone being able to play with the ball, passing, shooting, and dribbling effectively. On top of that, you have to constantly be communicating with your teammates and maintaining an awareness of where you are on the field, where the ball is, where your opponent is, and where your teammates are. Altogether, a good player requires excellent fitness, supreme ball skills, and decisive intelligence, but it’s the last quality of intelligence and awareness that make individual players a great team. Statistics tell us that during a game, the average player will only actually have the ball at their feet for roughly a combined one minute. That’s one minute total time in 90 minutes with which to affect the game with a crucial pass, dribble, or shot. What are the players doing for the other 89 minutes then? The answer is winning or losing the game. They are moving off the ball, finding spaces, anticipating where they need to be to make a tackle, intercept a pass or receive one from their teammates. It’s this movement off the ball that sets up chances, creates game flow, and allows the collective to be greater than the sum of its parts and not a group of individuals dribbling at a defense

The ability of our players to play with speed and intensity has been nothing short of astounding. In every game we showcase our fitness, resilience and toughness. The players always show up with a great attitude, and a willingness to learn and work at every practice. I couldn’t be more proud of them as a coach. To the parents of the players you should all be very proud of the wonderful hardworking, intelligent and respectful children you have raised. (By the way if there is a magic book or something with all the answers for parenting in it, so that I can get kids like yours please send me a copy).

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.  Before the season began I prayed that God would help me to be the best coach that I could be for this team, and while I make mistakes and will continue to make them I appreciate the love and assistance that everyone has shown. Thank you for your continued support.



FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER CONTACT: Contact Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com


Archived Articles

December 2020


The FEAST middle school soccer season is off to the races! After only three practices (and competing against teams who were at the end of their
season), our middle schoolers had back-to-back games, and they sure put up a good fight! After losing their first three games by narrow margins, they returned for a win in their fourth game! Our first match was with First Baptist Academy, and our Patriots ended with a loss of 4-2. Goals were scored by Patriots Jimmy Piper and Isaac Sells. It was a hard-fought match going into the second half as a tie. On Oct 17, our match with San Antonio Christian School ended with a loss of 5-4. We met up again with First Baptist Academy for our third game, and under extremely cold
conditions, we were able to hold them to 1-0. Our first win was against Great Northwest and ended at 4-3. Way to go Patriots! We met up again with Great Northwest two days later and lost to them 4-1. Congratulations to our middle school team for playing so well together so early in the season.
I can’t wait to see what the second half of our middle school game season will look like!



GABRIEL CONSTANTE is an 8th grader who is looking to improve his soccer skills this season. In addition to soccer, Gabriel enjoys fishing, other sports like basketball, anything outdoors, and knife throwing. Gabriel also owns two lizards and one snake. Welcome to FEAST soccer, Gabriel!

Another middle schooler, 7th grader ISAAC SELLS, is also looking to be a better soccer player this season. Isaac also enjoys collecting cars and likes peanut butter. Isaac has played indoor soccer leagues at the Soccer Zone. Isaac, we look forward to seeing you in action on the field!

LOGAN DY-LIACCO is a 10th grader who has played several years of soccer before joining us on the FEAST team this year. Logan hopes to gain better endurance and make new friends this season. He enjoys exercising, video games, and training his German Shepherd. We are glad you are here, Logan!

TIMOTHY THEVAOS is another 10th grader joining us this year. Timothy, who describes himself as “really quiet,” also plays basketball and golf, and enjoys video games and hiking when he is not involved in sports. Timothy, we would love to see you achieve your goal this season of scoring goals for our team!

CALEB JESCHKE is a returning player this season. Caleb is a 9th grader whose hobbies include computers, electronics, and running. Caleb has also played flag football and has run track. Caleb has played soccer for 5 years and is looking to become a better soccer player and make more friends on the team this year. That won’t be hard to do with 22 high schoolers on the team, Caleb!

ARIANA TREJOS is a 10th grader from Colombia who has played competitive and recreational soccer all over the world, as well as competitive swimming. She is with FEAST to rebuild her endurance and regain her soccer skills and agility. In addition to soccer, Ariana enjoys reading, walking/hiking, biking, and cooking. She also spends time learning more about her faith. Welcome to our team, Ariana!

Since the start of our season, we have been blessed to be able to add another coach to our high school coaching staff: Please welcome Matt Fry!

Hi, I’m Coach Fry (or Coach Matt – either one is fine), and I’ve had a love for the sport of soccer for well over 10 years now. I actually wasn’t the best player as a kid, and that turned me away from the sport early on, but when the 2010 world cup rolled around, it inspired me to push myself to get better at the sport while in college. I remember the countless hours spent out on the basketball and tennis courts by my apartment, practicing my foot skills and juggling to make sure my touch was spot on for game time. Coach McHenry and I have known each other since college and have coached
a couple of years together for the YMCA. I’m pumped for this season, and most of all, seeing some of you grow to learn new skills, both mentally and physically on the pitch. It’s up to you to put in the work, and that will determine the outcome of our season. I’m looking forward to building a family
with you all – let’s tear it up this year, Patriots! Godspeed

Thank you, Coach Matt, for your time and dedication!

Did you know? FEAST soccer now has a Facebook page! Go check out “FEAST soccer” as we build our page with photos and updates!

November 2020


Soccer practices have begun! There are 22 High Schoolers and 15 Middle Schoolers who have all committed to improving themselves as soccer players and teammates.

Head High School Coach Kyle McHenry has this to say about the start of the practice season: The team has had a great start. They bring a positive attitude and an eagerness to improve at every practice. They are quickly shaking off the rust and honing new skills. In the coming weeks, we will look more and more to increase the speed of play. Decision making, quick passing, and movement will be the keys to our success. The sky is the limit as long as we/they continue to push beyond their boundaries.

He reminds us of Proverbs 27:17 “Just as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”


Thomas Waterman is a returning player back for his 3rd year with FEAST soccer.

 Thomas is an 11th grader who was the captain of the team last year. He also plays tennis and enjoys model trains. Thomas brings with him his younger brother, Dominic.

Dominic is a 6th grader who has played soccer with various teams in CYO and YMCA leagues, as well as club ball with the Titans. Like Thomas, Dominic also plays tennis, and he runs cross country. Dominic enjoys reading and likes monkeys!

We are excited to have Thomas and Dominic playing soccer this year!

Moriah, Bethany, Shiloh and Zion Whitten are new to soccer this year.

Moriah is an 11th grader who is ready to get better at dribbling a soccer ball and to improve her aim, while glorifying God through her play. Moriah also enjoys writing, baking, exploring nature and off-road running.

Also playing with us is younger sister Bethany, a 10 grader who enjoys
art and running. Bethany’s goal for this season is to play her position better than anyone else can!

Another Whitten on the high school team is Shiloh (9th). Shiloh enjoys horseback riding, some art, and planting (yellow flowers make her happy!) Shiloh is playing to improve her soccer skills and help her team. The girls have a younger brother, Zion, who plays on the middle school team. Zion is an 8th grader who enjoys reading, legos and other sports, including basketball. Zion is ready to get better at soccer and score a goal, but “Before about a month ago, I really disliked soccer!”

Welcome Moriah, Bethany, Shiloh and Zion Whitten!

Siblings Cece and Joseph Weimer are on the middle school team together.

Cece is a 7th grader goalie and close defender who has played previously with Hondo Youth Soccer. In addition to soccer, Cece has played softball and done tumbling. She enjoys reading and drawing and says she can talk in weird voices, memorize things easily, and quote random things.

Her younger brother, Joseph, is in 5th grade. He also has played in the Hondo league. Joseph likes to ride his bike, fly his model plane, and climb things. He also raises rabbits for 4H and last year won the showmanship award at the Medina County Junior Stock Show after giving a hands-on oral presentation about how to care for rabbits. Joseph “really, really, really wants to play soccer.”

Welcome, Cece and Joseph Weimer!

Cousins Karysma Griffis and Cody Squyres are on the high school team.

Karysma is returning for her second year of FEAST soccer. Karysma is a senior this year. Her hobbies include aerial arts (silks), painting,  longboarding, photography, singing, and baking. She also does dance.

Her cousin, Cody, is new to the team this year. Cody is in 11th grade and has not played soccer since he was 6 years old. Cody likes gaming, music, and playing drums!

Welcome, Karysma and Cody!

It’s going to be a great season watching these siblings and cousins play soccer!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER CONTACT: Contact Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com


October 2020

Soccer is all set to kick-off its season with practices beginning on October 6th, but it is still not too late to sign up! Soccer is a co- ed sport for 5th-12th grade. For the latest information on cost and practices email commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com.

We are going to have a fantastic season, with practice in October and November, games in December and January, and ending in February with an end-of-season party!

Last month you read about our three coaches. This month I would like to introduce you to some of our sibling athletes.

First up are returning players Faith and Gabriel Jaquez. Faith is a senior this year and returning for her second year of FEAST soccer. Faith loves her job at Chick-fil-A and describes herself as “very determined,” a trait that serves her well on the soccer field as she sustained an ankle injury last year and had to miss some games, but is coming back stronger this year! Her brother Gabriel is also back for his second year of FEAST soccer. Gabriel is a 10th grader, and this season, he wants to score a goal and improve his speed (he is also on the FEAST track team), as well as have a good time with his friends on the team. Welcome back, Faith and Gabriel Jaquez!

New player siblings Brian and Hannah Brough are coming to join us this year. Brian is a 9th grader who previously played with the Classics Elite Soccer Academy. Brian also plays basketball (He is a 6’ freshman!) and indoor soccer. Brian also has some unique hobbies, including cyber-security, comic books/comic con, and cardistry. His 8th-grade sister Hannah is not to be outdone! She has played for several years with NEYSO here in San Antonio and Alamo Heights/Fort Sam Houston. Hannah was adopted from China and loves animals, especially pandas and dogs. She spends some of her free time taking care of her 3 schnauzers. Welcome, Brian and Hannah Brough.

New FEAST players Austin and Conner Emery give new meaning to a soccer skill move called “around the world”. Austin was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, and Conner was born in San Antonio. They have lived and played soccer in Alaska, the St. Louis area, Phoenix, Germany, and now they are joining us in San Antonio with FEAST Soccer as well as FEAST Tennis and maybe FEAST Track. These brothers are also soccer referees with the US Soccer Federation. Austin is an 11th grader, and Conner is in 9th grade. Welcome back from Germany to Texas, y’all!

Next, we have a sibling group of three that are joining our middle school team this year. Twins Anna and Chloe Morris are 8th graders. Both have played many years on church and recreational teams. Anna’s hobbies include volleyball, softball, capture the flag, gymnastics, skateboarding, art, hairstyling and Fortnite. She loves to travel and used to live in North Dakota, where “it was soooooo cold. Brrrr” Younger twin Chloe likes music, singing in the shower, gymnastics, dance, figure skating, and chasing little sisters in the park. She also loves hula hoop. “I can hula-hoop with my thighs! Who else can do that? America’s Got Talent, here I come!” The third sister that is joining our team is Phoebe. Phoebe is in the 5th grade and has 9 siblings! She is learning to play the violin and also enjoys art, cooking, and says, “Soccer is my life.” She has played since she was 3 years old on
church and recreational teams. Welcome, Anna, Chloe and Phoebe Morris!

Come join us! Improve your soccer game and make some new friends. We look forward to meeting you!Save