“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Psalm 133:1




October 2020

Soccer is all set to kick-off its season with practices beginning on October 6th, but it is still not too late to sign up! Soccer is a co- ed sport for 5th-12th grade. For the latest information on cost and practices email commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com.

We are going to have a fantastic season, with practice in October and November, games in December and January, and ending in February with an end-of-season party!

Last month you read about our three coaches. This month I would like to introduce you to some of our sibling athletes.

First up are returning players Faith and Gabriel Jaquez. Faith is a senior this year and returning for her second year of FEAST soccer. Faith loves her job at Chick-fil-A and describes herself as “very determined,” a trait that serves her well on the soccer field as she sustained an ankle injury last year and had to miss some games, but is coming back stronger this year! Her brother Gabriel is also back for his second year of FEAST soccer. Gabriel is a 10th grader, and this season, he wants to score a goal and improve his speed (he is also on the FEAST track team), as well as have a good time with his friends on the team. Welcome back, Faith and Gabriel Jaquez!

New player siblings Brian and Hannah Brough are coming to join us this year. Brian is a 9th grader who previously played with the Classics Elite Soccer Academy. Brian also plays basketball (He is a 6’ freshman!) and indoor soccer. Brian also has some unique hobbies, including cyber-security, comic books/comic con, and cardistry. His 8th-grade sister Hannah is not to be outdone! She has played for several years with NEYSO here in San Antonio and Alamo Heights/Fort Sam Houston. Hannah was adopted from China and loves animals, especially pandas and dogs. She spends some of her free time taking care of her 3 schnauzers. Welcome, Brian and Hannah Brough.

New FEAST players Austin and Conner Emery give new meaning to a soccer skill move called “around the world”. Austin was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, and Conner was born in San Antonio. They have lived and played soccer in Alaska, the St. Louis area, Phoenix, Germany, and now they are joining us in San Antonio with FEAST Soccer as well as FEAST Tennis and maybe FEAST Track. These brothers are also soccer referees with the US Soccer Federation. Austin is an 11th grader, and Conner is in 9th grade. Welcome back from Germany to Texas, y’all!

Next, we have a sibling group of three that are joining our middle school team this year. Twins Anna and Chloe Morris are 8th graders. Both have played many years on church and recreational teams. Anna’s hobbies include volleyball, softball, capture the flag, gymnastics, skateboarding, art, hairstyling and Fortnite. She loves to travel and used to live in North Dakota, where “it was soooooo cold. Brrrr” Younger twin Chloe likes music, singing in the shower, gymnastics, dance, figure skating, and chasing little sisters in the park. She also loves hula hoop. “I can hula-hoop with my thighs! Who else can do that? America’s Got Talent, here I come!” The third sister that is joining our team is Phoebe. Phoebe is in the 5th grade and has 9 siblings! She is learning to play the violin and also enjoys art, cooking, and says, “Soccer is my life.” She has played since she was 3 years old on
church and recreational teams. Welcome, Anna, Chloe and Phoebe Morris!

Come join us! Improve your soccer game and make some new friends. We look forward to meeting you!


Archived Articles

September 2020


We are gearing up for a great soccer season! Soccer is co-ed and open to ages 10-18. Our practices will begin the first week of October. This year we will be fielding a middle school team and a high school team. Both teams will practice at the same time and location to make it easier on our families. We are still in negotiations on a field location but should have that information as well as practice days and times available soon.




    Hi, my name is Coach McHenry, I have played competitive club soccer for 10+ years, and I have been coaching for four years with the YMCA. I am super excited to get the chance to coach with FEAST and cannot wait to get started. My goals as a coach are first and foremost to have fun, and for the players to enjoy playing. It’s impossible to improve your skills as a player if you hate coming to practice and games, etc. I will do everything I can to make playing as fun of an experience as possible. My hope is that by the end of the season, you will have improved as a player and be motivated to keep improving. With that said, let me make one thing clear… I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WINNING GAMES.  We are not a professional team or a club whose reputation is predicated on our success. For me, our season record is not nearly as important a metric as is the players being able to answer the question: Do you want to play again next year? With a resounding, yes. We will work hard, and we will play hard, and whatever results come from that are in God’s hands. I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great season. Go Patriots!! (Weird to hear myself say that being anti-Tom Brady for so long.)

    Coach Alberto Cordova has a real passion for teaching and coaching others. He has had formal training in coaching and teaching and enjoys being active. He has been involved and has participated in various venues throughout the community, such as in city sports and coaching (soccer, softball, basketball, etc.). His more significant work has been working alongside his wife, Yvette, homeschooling their children.

    Coach Jim Piper has been a competitive youth soccer coach for over ten years. Soccer has been a part of his life since he was five years old, and his passion continues through coaching. However, his greater purpose is developing the next generation on and off the field. He enjoys working with youth by guiding them to maximize their God-given strengths. His wife, Amanda, and their four children look forward to meeting you all.


Thank you to these men who have stepped up to coach! If you are interested in playing, contact commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com.


July 2020

FEAST Soccer season will be getting underway soon and with a new commissioner! Karin Calhoun will be the middle school and high school  commissioner for the 2020-2021 soccer season. Karin’s son played FEAST soccer last year, where she worked with the outgoing commissioner, and Karin is super excited for a great season.

The season kicks off with practice in October, although a skills camp may be arranged for later in the summer. We are building our roster now.

Interested soccer players should contact Karin at (210)845-9131 or karinc@gvtc.com, or Athletic Administrator Sherri Kunkel at  feastathletics@homeschoolfeast.com.

FEAST soccer is co-ed and open to 6th-12th graders. It is going to be a fantastic time!