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May 2023

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

Archived Articles

April 2023

FEAST ⚽️ Last Game of the Season and New Beginnings!

March 2023

FEAST ⚽️ End of Season Wrap Up!

FEAST Patriots’ Soccer wrapped up a phenomenal season full of competitiveness, hard work, meals shared, parties, and deepening friendships! 

Our high school team ended with a record of 14 wins and 9 losses this season. Our very young middle school team saw a few wins, but learned a lot and developed great fundamentals! 

We are saying goodbye to our faithful Commissioner of four years, Karin Calhoun. Her boundless energy has allowed this program to flourish and thrive during her tenure! We wish her joy in her next adventures now that all her kids will have graduated! Thank you, Karin!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

February 2023

FEAST ⚽️ Honoring our 2023 Seniors (Part 2)!

Our two seniors to highlight this month are Patrick Calhoun and Nate Earnest. 

Senior Patrick Calhoun

Patrick has been with the FEAST soccer team for four years and is one of the Captains of the team. He’s crazy quick on the field, mesmerizing everyone with his ball-handling skills, and leading the team for goals. After graduation, Patrick plans to attend Blinn College in Bryan, TX, where he will take all the general required classes. He then hopes to transfer to Texas A&M University. 

When he’s not at work, school, or soccer, he really enjoys cooking, skating, fishing, and hanging with his friends.  Patrick has met some of his best friends through FEAST Soccer.  The greatest memories he has from soccer are hanging out with the team after games… and winning. He really enjoys winning!

Senior Nate Earnest

This is also Nate’s fourth season playing soccer for FEAST. He enjoys hanging out with his teammates inside and outside of soccer, but especially eating with them after games. It’s important to Nate to make everyone feel included while also encouraging and building up his teammates. 

In addition to soccer, Nate enjoys running for FEAST Track. He is entering his third year as a sprinter and his favorite event is the 100-meter dash. This translates to his blinding speed in soccer games. He’s a smart player and particularly talented on the defensive line. Nate currently works at Whataburger in Leon Springs and enjoys both the customer service aspects of the job and interacting with his co-workers. In his free time, he likes hanging out with friends, and playing video games with them.

Congratulations and prayers to our 2023 Seniors!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

January 2023

FEAST ⚽️ Honoring our 2023 Seniors (Part 1)!

Over the next two months we will highlight our FEAST Soccer seniors! We pray God’s wisdom and direction over them as they embark on new adventures after high school. Enjoy getting to know our first two seniors, Timothy and Elly, a little better!

Senior Timothy Thevaos

Post High School Plans: I plan to join the Army. I hope to enter the Army’s aviation program as a Warrant officer. I will likely train for two years before being trained to fly. I plan on enlisting in the Fall after enjoying my senior trip to Germany.

Favorite Memory with FEAST Soccer: I have been with FEAST soccer for three years. I have enjoyed being on a competitive team and growing my skills along with my teammates.

Other Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors – hiking, fishing, biking, and camping. I also enjoy other sports like golf and basketball. I am also interested in politics and logic and enjoy learning new topics and skills that interest me, such as the stock market and car restoration. Over the past year, I have been working part-time as my dad’s assistant helping him renovate our church’s building.

My Favorite Scripture is… Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” This verse has taught me that in life, I may want things, but when I seek God first and surrender my desires, He is the one who provides the things I desire. 

Senior Elly Yielding

Post High School Plans: After high school, I will be attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where I hope to study government and eventually become a lawyer. 

Other Skills: I am also a competitive sailor, and I am being recruited to sail with the Coast Guard Academy’s D1 team.

My Senior Advice: My advice would be to make the most of your high school years because they really do go by so quickly!

Congratulations and enjoy your final FEAST Soccer Season, Timothy and Elly!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

December 2022

Winter ⚽️ Shifts into High Gear!!

Middle School and High School soccer are both thriving! We’ve had a great start to the season with High School scrimmages against First Baptist Academy and Atonement. FEAST Soccer was victorious in both! Our Middle School team has 13 games scheduled and our players are working hard under the experienced and joyful Brough family coaching staff!

Come on out and support FEAST Soccer at our games!  We love to have a cheering section inspiring us to victory! See our full schedule on the FEAST Athletic Calendar!

Merry Christmas from FEAST Soccer!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

November 2022

⚽️ …And We’re Off!

Official practices for both middle and high school teams with games started in October. Games for high school also started last month! The high school team also ran the FitnessGram pacer test during their first practice. 

According to our HS Head Coach, Kyle McHenry, “Our purpose for administering this test is to assess not only the fitness level of the players at the start of the season, but also to gauge their mental toughness, or GRIT. GRIT is the word that best sums up our attitude as a team and is also the basis for our team core ideals. GRIT in our case can be defined simply as: Doing your absolute best to follow through on your commitments. 

“We don’t accept failure or defeat as dead ends, but as road markers that allow us to learn and guide us in the right direction. It is only by not giving up that we will eventually succeed. The Pacer test is designed to test these qualities in the players and see who is willing to push themselves to their limit for their team.” 

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

October 2022

Thank you to ⚽️ Commissioner Karin Calhoun!

Fun is all around at FEAST Soccer: park meet-ups, swim parties, Freddy’s ice cream get-togethers… This month we recognize our awesome Commissioner, Karin Calhoun, for keeping us all on track and making sure we’re having fun in the process! She oversees and organizes so many great events and FEAST Soccer is a success in large part because of her.

Karin’s efforts have grown our soccer program for the last three years. Her youngest son, Patrick (one of the team captains), is a senior this year; we’ll miss them both next year!  Karin already graduated her two older sons from homeschooling. 

Originally from Houston, Karin has been in San Antonio for 21 years. Her husband, John, works as the Vice President of sales at a construction supply firm and his job moved the family to San Antonio. Before having kids, Karin was a project manager at Compaq Computer Corporation. Growing up playing softball, Karin experienced a learning curve when her kids joined soccer! 

Karin is very active playing pickleball, gardening, reading, and hanging out with friends. After Patrick graduates, she’s looking forward to more pickleball and traveling!

We thank Karin for her three years of service as Commissioner to FEAST Soccer and are grateful she resurrected it to the thriving program it is today! She has truly enjoyed this role and watching the program grow, but after this year she will need to pass the baton to a future Commissioner.  

FEAST sports are volunteer-based, and Karin works hard to secure fields and referees, establish schedules for practices and games, designing and ordering uniforms, coordinating after-game get-togethers, writing and answering emails, and much more.  

Karin, thank you for the love you’ve shown to all of us! You have a gift of making every single player and family member feel welcome and important!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

September 2022

Welcome to our 2022-23 Middle School ⚽️ Coaches!!

We are excited to welcome Michael, Nancy, and Christian Brough (with Brian Brough assisting, too) into coaching roles for our middle school team! The Brough family has been active in FEAST Athletics for many years. (In fact, Michael was a coach when Christian played middle school soccer for FEAST!) The husband and wife team of Michael and Nancy have coached both soccer and basketball teams off and on since their five children were little. 

Michael is retired from the Army and has degrees in mechanical engineering, engineering management, and philosophy. However, he is now a professional writer! Nancy has a degree in teaching with a kinesiology minor (to be a coach/PE teacher) and a Master’s in Public Health Education. She has also been certified in teaching group fitness since 1992! 

Christian is Michael and Nancy’s son and he is currently in graduate school at UTSA earning a degree in data analytics. He is an experienced soccer referee and actively worked in that role  throughout high school and college. Christian played basketball and soccer for FEAST and was on the 2016 National Championship basketball team. Brian is another son of the Broughs and is a current player on the FEAST Soccer high school team. He also plays at Classics Elite Soccer Academy and has been a soccer referee for five years. 

The Brough family believe sports and physical activity should be challenging, fun, and engaging! They’re excited for the upcoming season!

Registration for FEAST Soccer is open through September 12 and practices start October 3 – sign up today!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

August 2022

⚽️ Soccer registration is now closed. ⚽️

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

⚽️ Soccer Season is just Around the Corner – Important Dates! ⚽️

Season Registration: Registration will be open August 19 to September 12. You must have a 2022-23 Patriot Pass to access registration. First Practice is October 3!

A look back at our summer: FEAST soccer teams continued off-season preparations through the summer. In addition to our weekly meet-ups at Olmos Park for both middle schoolers and high schoolers, this has been a great time for some important cross-training and down time. Patriots soccer players have run with FEAST cross country, swum in local clubs, hit the weights, participated in yoga classes, joined pickup basketball games, and stayed active in other ways. 

Getting ready for our next soccer season also involves understanding the game – and there’s no better way than seeing it played professionally. We watched an SAFC home game together and cheered our team as they beat Tulsa. Looking forward to putting some of those lessons into play during the FEAST season!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

July 2022


FEAST Soccer continues free Thursday night meet-ups end July 28! Join us to keep your skills sharp, learn fundamentals, and bond our soccer family! New players interested in playing with FEAST next season are always welcome – please see below for info about player evaluations and our parent meeting! Please email Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com for details.

Season Reflections: FEAST 2021-22 High School Soccer  (Part 2)

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

June 2022

Season Reflections: FEAST 2021-22 High School Soccer  (Part 1)

This soccer season was loads of fun. I learned better ball control and how to play with other kids as opposed to with my mom in the backyard. I definitely enjoyed it and seriously can’t wait for next season. -Keeli

For me, the highlight of the season was probably the last game against Great Hearts because it really showed off how much we had improved as a team throughout the season. I thought that we worked together as a team better that game than almost any other game. -Brian

My favorite thing about the season would probably just be going out to eat after games because it was nice to just talk with teammates and have fun. -PatrickI feel really blessed to be a part of this team. All of my teammates were fun to be around and my coaches were just phenomenal. They always encouraged me and pushed me to be the best that I can be. The FEAST Patriots are more than just a team to me. They’re my family. I can honestly say that I grew not only as a player this season but as an individual. The lessons that I learned on the field are lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. My favorite moments from this season were when I scored goals… just kidding. I honestly enjoyed being on the sidelines. I was able to talk to teammates and get to know them better. Besides, all the best conversations happen on the sidelines. My other favorite moments would be when I scored goals… seriously this time. After I scored my first goal, I became more confident in myself as both a player and a person. I truly believe that I can do anything now. -Eralyn.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

May 2022

⚽️ Honoring FEAST Soccer Seniors! ⚽️

Senior Thomas Waterman (Captain):

I will be attending the University of Dallas in the fall with plans to double major in Physics and EE (electrical engineering). What I enjoyed about FEAST Soccer can probably be summed up in the excitement of each game and, moreover, the memories I have accumulated over these four years. First on the list would be a game four years ago against St Anthony’s where I scored my first high school goal from 200 feet out! (And I continued to score one of these long-distance goals each season). Also, it was a lot of fun to have the other team’s strikers offside… especially when they go on to score an invalid goal! Finally, my experience all culminated with the penalty I took against Castle Hills, scoring my last goal of high school soccer. 

Senior Cody Squyres:

I will be attending the trade school of Independent Electrical Contractors here in San Antonio. I will spend four years working for my Journeyman’s License to become an electrician. I will miss soccer, all my teammates and the coaches. Most of all, I will miss the games when we are down in points by halftime and the mood is down but then Coach talks us up, gets us really hyped and we give every last ounce of energy to the game. I will miss my team, they’re my family!

Prayers and best wishes to our Thomas and Cody as they venture into their new season of life!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

April 2022
⚽️ 5 fun facts about our coaches, plus great training tips from Coach Kyle!! ⚽️

Did you know….?

Head Coach Kyle McHenry:  1. Born in Hawaii  2. Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter (EPL team)  3. Won multiple Harry Potter Trivia contests 4. Plays both guitar and ukulele 5. Graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Anthropology 

Coach Matt Kirby: 1. Born in Texas and lived here his whole life, but… 2. Has a personal goal to visit (not just drive or fly through) every state in the U.S. (he is exactly halfway to his goal!) 3. Chelsea supporter (Seen them play at Stamford Bridge in London) 4. Ran cross country in high school and competed in the state meet (his high school team earned 4th place in State his senior year) 5. Graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Coach Matt Puccini:  1. Born in Japan 2. Supports Dortmund, Tottenham, SAFC, and FC Dallas 3. Has attended six World Cup games 4. His “other” recreational sport is cycling 5. Plays bass and ukulele

Training tips for the off-season: Below is a link to the FEAST Soccer training program! It has a full workout schedule, tips, and fitness drills – take a look and try some of his great training ideas!

Interested in finding out more about FEAST soccer and meeting some new people?  The High School soccer team has monthly meet-ups.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

March 2022
⚽️ FEAST Soccer ended with a BANG!!⚽️

For our last two high school games of the season, we played Castle Hills and BACH. The Castle Hills game started off strong with a goal from Patrick! We tied the game up in the second half, forcing us into overtime which meant the next goal would determine the winner. Overtime passed and still, nobody scored! The final determination for a winner meant we went into an exciting penalty shootout. The team and our fans cheered when the winning goal for FEAST was scored by Roland!

In our game against BACH, we scored three amazing goals by our goalie, Bella, and also by Patrick and Caleb. The game ended in a FEAST victory with a score of 3 to 2!

⚽️ Thank you to our coaches, commissioners, and families for their support of an amazing season!

Think FEAST Soccer is over? Not a chance!

We’ll continue to meet up during the off-season to keep our skills sharp and bond our soccer family! New players interested in playing with FEAST next season are always welcome to join us! Get all the details by e-mailing soccer@homeschoolfeast.com or checking back here soon.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

February 2022
Our Season is Going Strong!

The FEAST Soccer High School team pulled off a win against BACH (Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers), 4-1. In the first half there was an astonishing finish from Logan, and some amazing defense from the back line of Timmy, Nate, JT, and Thomas. In the second half, we started to pull ahead with a spectacular goal from Patrick, and soon after another from Brian. Later in the game, Patrick pulled away from the opposing defense and scored another goal.

Our Middle School Blue team has been making some amazing progress! They played a tough game against San Antonio Christian on November 18. Caleb was fouled twice, but kept his momentum up. Rita, Nathaniel, and Evelyn controlled the defensive area and made effective blocks while Calen, bravely stopped goals. Judah made quick runs up the center in the second half. During a recent game against BACH, Calan stunned everyone with a miraculous save in goal. Miguel scored two goals in the first half, then Caleb made a goal after a throw-in from John. Caleb scored a second goal rebounding from Zeke’s shot in the last 10 seconds of the game. Great job, Blue Team!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun or Middle School Commissioner Rebekah Constante at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

January 2022
⚽️ Go, Patriots, Go! ⚽️

The FEAST high school and two middle school soccer teams are in full swing and loving it all—playing games, training, sharing meals together, watching video of games, and strategizing over pizza!

The latest big win for the high school team came against Great Hearts Monte Vista with goals from Eralyn Johnson, Logan Dy-Liacco, Gabe Jaquez, and two from Patrick Calhoun.  Gabe Ceron had a phenomenal assist on one of the goals.  Bella Villarreal and Caden Gillespie split goalie duties. Along with the goalies, a strong defensive effort led by Nate Earnest, Thomas Waterman, Brian Brough, Andrew Puccini, and Roland Villareal resulted in the season’s first shut-out at 5-0.  

We love your support for all of our teams at games! Check out our full game schedule and see you there!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun or Middle School Commissioner Rebekah Constante at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

December 2021
What an Exciting Start to the Season! 

FEAST High School Soccer: Our high school team played a couple of scrimmages against First Baptist Academy (FBA) in October. They are showing real potential to have a successful season! 

Goalie Isabella Villarreal, along with the Patriot defensive line, courageously held back FBA’s offensive attacks to save numerous goals. Patrick Calhoun, Thomas Waterman, and Brian Brough completed intelligent combo passes for several strong goal attempts in the first game, while Waterman and Brough made impressive goals in the second game. Nate Earnest, Andrew Puccini, Caleb Jeschke, and Seth Macmanus made solid tackles and passes on defense to move the ball up the field to Gabe Jaquez, who achieved several lightning-fast runs on the goal. The second half of the first game saw Eralyn Johnson with strong tackles and Hannah Brough rush the opposing keeper with intensity. 

The season opener against St. Mary’s Hall was a nail biter with goals by Seth Macmanus and Gabe Jaquez. The team fought hard but came up short with a 2-4 loss. Thanks to Coach Kyle McHenry for his tireless leadership and care of the team!

Middle Soccer – Blue Team: The middle school Patriots Blue team had their first game of the season against FBA. Despite it being the end of the season for First Baptist, our Blue team showed up to work together on skills they’ve been practicing with Coach Trish. Kaleb Guy made some fast runs on defense when the opposing team had break-aways, while LaLa Mendoza fearlessly took on bigger players to defend the goal. Blue team goalie, Calan Wilson, made many amazing saves in the goal, proving that his team can depend on him as the last line of defense. Our MS Blue Team may not have come out with the win, but for a team who is just getting to know each other, they played well!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun or Middle School Commissioner Rebekah Constante at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

November 2021
Soccer is thrilled to have two middle school teams this year, plus our high school team! 

The FEAST Middle School Red Team opened their season on Thursday, October 7th, with a fun and challenging game against First Baptist Academy! 

With just one practice under their belts, yet playing a team at the end of their own season, FEAST shows great promise and potential! 

Isaac Morris saved numerous goals with his intimidating presence in the first half as goalie, with Phoebe Morris taking the helm in the goal in the second half. Tristan Ramos, Isaac Sells, and Justice Brough made a strong showing with their combination passes in the second half of the game, resulting in several chances on goal. Nate Morris was impressive in both halves of the field, providing needed size and strength for the team. Joshua Constante swept through in the defensive half of the field to steal numerous balls from the opponent. 

We’re all looking forward to seeing the team continue to compete as they advance through their season!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

October 2021
Fellowship and FUN at the SAFC game at Toyota Field!

FEAST Soccer spent a goooooorgeous night at the San Antonio FC game!! (And look – we even made it on the jumbotron!!) Thanks to Commissioner Karin Calhoun for coordinating this awesome event!

Soccer is thrilled to have two middle school teams this year, plus our high school team! 

Meet our new middle school coaches!

Blue Team Head Coach: Tricia Lujan

Tricia enlisted in the Army Reserve right out of high school. She moved to New York City and graduated Fordham University with a degree in Business Administration. As an Army Reservist, she was stationed in Torii Station, Japan and Ft. Drum, NY, and was also deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. In 2016, Tricia decided it was a good time to end her that career and dedicate her time to raising their children while her husband, Donny, completed his career on active duty. 

Tricia started playing soccer in her youth and her love of the sport has carried on into her adult life. She was happy to help coach soccer at the community level during her time in the military. She is excited to continue sharing her love of the sport with the community here in the San Antonio area!

Tricia and Donny were born and raised in Guam. They have six children: Gavin, Ava, Ana, Elias, Lucas & Miriam-Isaac. Donny recently retired from the Army, and they have chosen to settle in Converse, Texas. She is currently working towards her Master’s in Psychology at Divine Mercy University. 

In her spare time, Tricia provides voice-over work on several projects! She’s happy when she can find time to produce audio books. The Lujan family are happy to be a part of FEAST and are soaking up all that Texas has to offer: from amazing BBQ to the rich cultural history.

Red Team Head Coach: Sean Matthews

Sean emigrated to the USA from England with his family when he was 11 and settled in southeastern Michigan. He entered the Air Force after high school and worked as a Jet Engine Mechanic for four years at Beale AFB. Sean continued his work as a mechanic and civilian contractor for the Army for the next 6 years in the Marshall Islands. It was there that he met Jesus and decided to move to Washington State to attend Bible College.

Shortly after arriving in Washington he met his lovely wife, Nicole, and was smitten. A few years later they were married and they just celebrated their 21st anniversary in March. They are the proud parents of 6 children: Maggie, Liam, Fiona, Sophie, Finn and Fallon.

The Matthews family moved to San Antonio in 2015 and are very active together! They enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and serving in their church together. Sean’s hobbies are gardening, woodworking, and reading, as time permits. 

Sean has a lifelong love of soccer and is excited to volunteer as a Middle School Red Team Coach. The Matthews family recently joined the FEAST family and three of their kids currently run for FEAST Cross Country.

Thank you, Lujan and Matthews families, for your military service, and to Tricia and Sean for coaching the middle school program!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

We’re practicing hard for games!


Be sure cheer us on at our games!!


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com


(Thanks to all who came out – we had a lot of fun!!)


September 2021

We have a new Assistant Commissioner for Middle School Soccer! Meet Rebekah Constante:

Rebekah has been married to her husband, Michael, for 16 years. They have three children, Gabriel, who is fourteen and a freshman in high school, Joshua, who is ten and in sixth grade, and Isabella, who is nine. The Constante family has homeschooled for nine years, a part of Classical Conversations communities for the past six years, and love it! 

Rebekah grew up in Alabama, but met Michael, a native Texan, in Fort Worth. They have lived in San Antonio for 16 years, with the exception of exciting overseas missions in Lima, Peru. She has an undergraduate degree from Samford University in Spanish and English Literature, and a master’s degree in Divinity with an emphasis on youth ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Cooking is one of Rebekah’s favorite hobbies and she especially loves to prepare Peruvian meals! Be sure to ask her about her favorite dishes, Aji’ de Gallina, a creamy, pepper chicken dish served over rice and potatoes, or her Lomo Saltado, a fusion of Peruvian/Chinese cuisines that’s a spicy stir-fry served with french fries! (Samples are welcome, Rebekah, at the FEAST Office anytime!) 

The Constante joined the FEAST Athletics family last year when Joshua played middle school soccer. They enjoy the community in FEAST Soccer and the encouraging, yet competitive, level of skills taught.  We’re sure Rebekah will be blessing to our growing program!

Thank you, Rebekah, for volunteering your time!

FEAST Soccer “kicks off” this month with meet-ups, camp, practices –  even a night out at Toyota Field!

Our free Soccer Meet-ups are held most Fridays at 6pm at Olmos Park Sports Complex, field 6. This is a great chance to meet other families, play some soccer, and decide if our program is right for you!

Planning to attend? Players, wear cleats if you have them, shin guards if you want them. Please bring a size 5 soccer ball with your name on it if you own one, and lots of water is MANDATORY!  Please bring more water than you think you will need! No juices or sodas! 

Please check in with Karen Calhoun, our awesome commissioner, and she will be eager to share our program with you and answer any questions!

Emails with extra information is going out now! If you’re interested in FEAST Soccer, but have not yet reached out (or you’re not receiving our informational emails), please contact Karin at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com.

We are still looking for more middle school coaches! Submit your application today or contact Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com with questions! 

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at soccer@homeschoolfeast.com

August 2021
Soccer Season is Coming & FREE Soccer Meet-ups start soon!

FREE Soccer Meet-ups will resume Fridays at 6:00pm beginning August 27th (location TBD)! 

Our meet-ups are a great opportunity to meet the team and coaches, and to help make the decision if FEAST Soccer is right for you! (The location will be posted here and shared by email. Please contact Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com to be added to our email list.)

Practices will begin the week of October 11th: dates, times, and locations are still being confirmed, and will also be announced on this page and by email.

FEAST Soccer is a competitive program for boys and girls in grades 5-12.  As explained in the FEAST Athletics Handbook, “Playing time is not a right; it is a privilege earned by attendance at practices and games, hard work, a good attitude, being a team player, skill level, etc.  It is also affected by other reasonable requirements set by individual coaches.” Please note, at the middle school level, “Players should expect to play in every game, but it may not be equal time. The outcome of the game does factor into playing time.”  

Our middle school team plans to play in the ISAL winter league this year. At the high school level, we only play at the Varsity level, so playing time is not guaranteed. The high school team will be attending a tournament in Dallas this year!

Details will be coming soon for our September soccer camps, a kick-off meeting date, and cost for the season.

Be sure to stop by the FEAST Soccer table at the FEAST Homeschool Expo on August 11th!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com

July 2021
Learn More About Soccer Leadership….and Our Soccer Family is Growing!

Meet Karin Calhoun, 2021-22 Soccer Commissioner

FEAST excitedly welcomes back Karin for her second year as Soccer Commissioner!

Soccer had a great season in 2020 and we are thrilled she has volunteered to serve again and continue to build our program. 

Karin focuses heavily on encouraging relationships and community within the soccer family. One of her favorite aspects of this leadership role is the joy of getting to know each of the athletes and their families. Karin especially loves to serve by planning meals out after games and team parties, all of which encourage strong fellowship and friendships among teammates! 

Outside of soccer, Karin enjoys hanging out with friends, exploring new places, hiking, reading and most importantly…Pickleball! 

We thank you for your continued service, Karin, and pray for another outstanding season! 

Congratulations to the McHenry Family and Welcome to Baby Lily!

Soccer’s high school head coach, Kyle McHenry and his wife, Kelsey, and big sister Audrey welcomed precious baby Lily Maureen to their family on May 28th! We are so happy for their growing family – she is a beautiful and sweet blessing! We pray for continued health, joy and calm for the McHenry family as they adjust again to little sleep and lots of love with their new baby girl.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com

June 2021

Our weekly soccer meet-ups announced in the June Manna are paused for the summer.
Please check back for when they resume in the fall!

In the meantime, a great way to prepare for the 2021-2022 soccer season is to join in on the free cross country summer running camps! Check out FEAST Cross Country for more information!

Please contact Soccer Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com to be added to an email distribution list with meet-up updates.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com

May 2021

Thinking about playing soccer with FEAST in the fall, but just not sure?
Want to brush up on your soccer skills? Come join the team at our soccer meet-ups!

Soccer meet-ups are at 5:30pm on Fridays at Emmitt Park at CBC church on 1604. You must use the church entrance on Gold Canyon. Wear cleats if you have them; bring a size five soccer ball and plenty of water. Soccer meet-ups are for current 4th-11th grades.

“I so appreciate all the hard work that Karin and the coaches put into this season. Coach Kyle was willing to get together extra with those wanting help. I appreciate them giving our kids extra time even before the season officially began, our kids were so ready to get started! I have enjoyed each game, the team improved so much and so quickly! There was such a great feeling with all the parents, team, etc. Really felt like a family. Everyone pitching in, helping with getting the kids to practice and games. Having the group chat was awesome! Wonderful season !!!! Thank you !!!” JoAnn Squyres, Soccer Grandmom

“This soccer season has been a blessing for our family. This is our first year homeschooling, my daughter Isabella in 10th grade and my son Roland in 7th grade. My two kids played soccer, and they were welcomed by all the other kids, both of them have made great friends, and we have enjoyed all the games and all the dinners with the team. The coaches were awesome and both of my kids learned a lot of new skills.” – Blanca Villarreal, Soccer Mom

“The 2020-2021 soccer season was a significant time for us as it was the first sports/social activity that we participated in after many months of canceled events. There are too many positive experiences to list: Friday pre-season get-togethers; post-game Whataburger fellowships; three amazing high school coaches who perpetually encouraged and invested an enormous amount of time and effort into developing skills and character in the players; Commissioner Karin Calhoun who exemplified selflessness through the countless she gave to the program; friendships formed among players and parents; and a season filled with many wins.” – Kelly Jaquez, Soccer Mom

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com

April 2021

“High School players, thank you so much for a fantastic season!

I had an absolute blast this season, and I enjoyed watching you all grow and develop as soccer players! I hope you will take some time in the off-season to reflect on how you can improve for next season, but even more importantly (because I feel that this is often overlooked), reflect on how you improved this season and the specific strengths that you bring to the team. I saw every single one of you improve! I also plan to reflect on how I can do a better job of explaining things and encouraging you. Lastly, and more importantly, I am so impressed with you as people. Your respect, hard work, and kindness were evident throughout all of our practices and games and is worth far more than any soccer skill that we could teach you. Keep it up and Go Patriots!”Matt Kirby, Assistant High School Coach

“Although, I have played soccer for many years off and on, this was my first season playing with FEAST Patriots. I will say that it was great, but it was also a different season of soccer. I am currently a 10th grader. And of all the years, this was my first HS year of soccer. This season certainly had its ups and downs, but everything is like that-nothing or anybody is perfect. Even though I was not able to play for a good part of the season due to an injury, I was still able to participate from the sidelines and be a part of the team. Every one of the players were enjoyable and unique in their own ways! It was great being friends with them all! I hope we all keep in touch and continue playing soccer! I really liked the coaches! They were excellent. If you did something wrong, they helped you get better and do it right. If something was confusing, they either explained it or showed it to you! Another thing I liked was that the coaches were very active and enthusiastic about soccer. And also, all of the coaches were really patient with us all. A thing I remember about this soccer season, is that we have all improved a lot in different aspects, such as sprints, endurance, confidence, passing, etc… I remember our first week of practice, we’d start by doing rondos, and although a few of the players were better than some, most were terrible at the drill at first. But towards the end of the season, we have all gotten extremely better at the drill. Close to  professionals! :D”Arian Trejos, High School, #42

“One thing that I really enjoyed about this season was the other kids and discovering that they had solid Christian values. And while it may seem remedial at first, in light of our current anti-God, anti-Christian society it is always very refreshing to find people who strive to further God’s plan.”Thomas Waterman, High School, #39

“We had very committed coaches that really helped build our team up and encourage us whether during the games, practices, or even on our off days. I also really enjoyed going to eat after the game with the team!  Some of the good memories I had with the team outside of soccer was going to Six Flags and going skating. My favorite game was probably the game we played against SACS or the game against Castle Hills. When I look back on this season, the first thing I think about is all the friends I made and how much fun this soccer season was!  I hope next soccer season will be just as fun, cannot wait! It will be sad to be done with soccer for the season, but I am hoping to get the team together once in a while to hang out or something.”  – Nate Earnest, High School, #32

“I loved playing for FEAST! I had a great time and had an awesome coach.”JT Earnest, Middle School #16

“Coaching at FEAST has been such an incredible experience this year! Our players have fought hard to get better and to hone the mental and physical skills that we’ve challenged them with. Coach McHenry says it time after time, “we get better with every practice and every game.” Our players have such a great attitude and work ethic that inspires us coaches to be better ourselves. We’ve learned so much since our first game, and I’m personally looking forward to next season to see how far we can keep going. As we have continued to struggle with the impact of COVID-19, being a part of this program has made things seem more normal.”Matt Fry, Assistant High School Coach

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST SOCCER:  Head Commissioner Karin Calhoun at karinc@gvtc.com

March 2021

Check back here next month for information on upcoming soccer camps for 5th-12th grade! 

“Of all the teams I’ve played with, this is the best one I’ve been on. The players and coaches have made it a great program. Can’t wait to play next year!” Caleb Jeschke, High School,  #26

“A definition of the word “feast” -a plentiful supply of something enjoyable, especially for the mind or senses. Used in a sentence: This season has been a brilliant feast, one that I was blessed to be a part of. Thank you FEAST for the opportunity to coach this season. I sincerely enjoyed it.”  – Kyle McHenry, High School Coach

One thing that I have learned at FEAST is I developed as a player and as a person. I have grown with my friends and through wins and losses we grew as a team.”  – Roland Villarreal, Middle School, #11

“This FEAST soccer season was amazing. There were so many ups and downs but we went through it as a team. I remember when we scored our first goal against St. Mary’s and how amazing that felt. I remember jumping up and down being so excited while I watched from my goal. Throughout the season everyone not only grew better as players but also as friends. I have never before been part of team where the players treat each other as true friends and not just someone you compete with and that is something that I am grateful to God for.”  – Isabella Villarreal, High School, #20

“This season was really great, even the Star Jumps – “I’m a star!  I’m a star!” :D”  – Patrick Calhoun, High School #28

“One good memory that I had from this season was the gassers we ran for not getting enough combination passes.  We had ten gassers and for each combination pass that we got we had one less gasser.  We ended up having two of them and it was exhausting.   They were to the 18-yard box and back then the to the half field and back then to full field.”  – Brian Brough, High School, #36

One of the things that were impactful to me this soccer season was the team bonding and coach bonding that grew throughout the season. Last season, we really were not a team that had a true, meaningful bond, however this year, our friendship has grown dramatically. A second thing that has impacted me was that when I signed up for soccer this season, I prayed that we would have plenty of players to be on the team and we had 22 players on the soccer team, DOUBLE from last year. That was something only God could have done. – Gabriel Jaquez, High School, #41

“When I think of this soccer season, I would say the first memory that pops in my head is of our game at SACs. It was our second time playing them…the previous week they had crushed us 7 to 1. It was raining, it was so cold, and in the first half the strong wind was blowing to their advantage. By the end of the first half, the score was 3 to 0 (they were up). Coach played the boys in the second half, so most of us girls huddled in blankets while we tried to cheer for them. In a matter of ten minutes or less, the boys tied up the game, and for the remainder of the game it remained tied. I would definitely say it was the best game of the season!” – Shiloh Whitten, High School #22

“When I started this season off I was not that great of a player(still not the best), but coach helped me learn so much and really improve. I have made lots of new friends and it has brought me out of my shell. I am grateful to the coaches, Karin, and my teammates.” – Karysma Griffis, High School, #24

“There are many things I love about the soccer team. The coaches are always kind, encouraging, and they work with us. Everyone is connected and there is never any bad sportsmanship. We learn to work as a team and communicate. Some of my favorite memories of soccer are the parties we had, going out to eat after games, and having so much fun at practice. Not only did I learn a lot about soccer, but I also made a bunch of friends and made memories with them.” – Faith Jaquez, High School, #31

“One thing that I really enjoyed this season was Coach Piper helping me improve in soccer. He helped me understand the game and put it into play on the field. I also had some really amazing teammates and friends to help me get better at soccer. At the beginning of the season I was just the tall guy who didn’t know how to kick a ball; but now at the end of the season – thanks to my Coach and friends – I feel like I am a help to my team.” – Zion Whitten, Middle School, #18

“My experience with FEAST soccer this year has been very enjoyable, through the ups and downs of the season and the companionship that we share with each other it has been a pleasure growing as team and working our individual skills with each other, I will remember this season not only because of the help I’ve received from our coaches or of how I’ve improved but also because of the friends I’ve made.” – Gabriel Ceron, High School, #40

“My favorite memory was the boys game against Great Hearts. We won the game after we played a hard and fast game. I really enjoyed playing this game because I was in the goal playing goalie. It was my favorite game.” – Cody Squyres, High School, #43

February 2021

  • We have 39 athletes playing FEAST Soccer this year!
  • Our High School team consists of 14 boys and 8 girls. 9th grade (4), 10th grade (12), 11th grade (4), 12th grade (2)
  • Our Middle School team is made up of 10 boys and 7 girls. 5th grade (2), 6th grade (4), 7th grade (4), 8th grade (7)
  • We have 6 families with athletes on both the high school team and the middle school team.
  • There are 3 sibling groups on the High School team. There are 2 sibling groups on the Middle School team.

Here is a chance to meet some more of our players:

Nate Earnest is a sophomore this year and is returning for his second year of FEAST Soccer. He played for several years for CYO throughout elementary & middle school. He enjoys gaming, hanging out with friends, and cooking. He’s a bit of a neat freak, great at cleaning & organizing, and hates to be late! Fun Fact: He loves Christmas music so much he listens to it year-round!

JT Earnest also played CYO Soccer throughout elementary and middle school and is enjoying his first year of playing FEAST Soccer as an 8th grader. He enjoys gaming, fishing, hunting, and working outdoors. He is also quite handy in his mechanical skills, filling the role of “Mr. Fix-it” when dad is not available. Fun fact: He can pop both shoulders out of joint!

Patrick Calhoun is a 10th grader who is playing his second year of FEAST Soccer. Before that, he played several seasons of soccer at the YMCA under Coaches Kyle McHenry and Matt Fry. Patrick also plays 6 man football, basketball, and runs track. He enjoys listening to music, gaming, and hanging out with friends.

Micah Fry, a 10th grader, has played FEAST Soccer for 2 years and run cross country in the past. His goal for the season is to be able to pass better and communicate better. Micah’s hobby is competitive shooting, and he would do that all day if he could!

Elijah Fry is a 7th grader who is enjoying his first year of playing FEAST Soccer as well as his first year of playing on a basketball team. Elijah’s goal this season is…to score a goal!

Continue to follow FEAST Soccer to see how YOU can play with us! We look forward to meeting more athletes at our skills camps. More information on skills camps should be available soon.

January 2021

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

As a team, FEAST high school soccer has been working hard this season to become better and as a result, they have been making everything and everyone around them better too. While I can only speak for myself, I can say that the time that I have spent coaching them has been one of the greatest blessings God has given me. In a year full of darkness and frustration due to COVID, the days I’ve spent coaching have been some of my brightest.

So, needless to say, I’ve been having loads of fun.It took us some time to gel as a team and get going with some unlucky results at first, but we won our first game last week against Castle Hills. We played hard and we were the better side for most of the game, attacking continually, winning 50/50 balls, and keeping the play in the opposing half for long periods of the game. We’ve scored eight goals within three games, including the extra girls-only game against St. Mary’s Hall. It may have taken us a game or two to get going, but now that we’ve found our stride, I’m sure there will be many more goals and triumphs to look forward to this season.

Player development has been and will continue to be the focus and key to our success. As I stated in my coaching bio, I have little concern with the score lines of our games. I am much more concerned with how we play. Do we play as a team? Are we passing the ball effectively? Are we making the correct runs into space and off the ball? These are the questions that keep me motivated and thriving. Every day I think about how we can improve and how I can design a drill or a practice session that will train a particular skill or combination.

Soccer is a tough sport. Just the physical demands are daunting, let alone being able to play with the ball, passing, shooting, and dribbling effectively. On top of that, you have to constantly be communicating with your teammates and maintaining an awareness of where you are on the field, where the ball is, where your opponent is, and where your teammates are. Altogether, a good player requires excellent fitness, supreme ball skills, and decisive intelligence, but it’s the last quality of intelligence and awareness that make individual players a great team. Statistics tell us that during a game, the average player will only actually have the ball at their feet for roughly a combined one minute. That’s one minute total time in 90 minutes with which to affect the game with a crucial pass, dribble, or shot. What are the players doing for the other 89 minutes then? The answer is winning or losing the game. They are moving off the ball, finding spaces, anticipating where they need to be to make a tackle, intercept a pass or receive one from their teammates. It’s this movement off the ball that sets up chances, creates game flow, and allows the collective to be greater than the sum of its parts and not a group of individuals dribbling at a defense

The ability of our players to play with speed and intensity has been nothing short of astounding. In every game we showcase our fitness, resilience and toughness. The players always show up with a great attitude, and a willingness to learn and work at every practice. I couldn’t be more proud of them as a coach. To the parents of the players you should all be very proud of the wonderful hardworking, intelligent and respectful children you have raised. (By the way if there is a magic book or something with all the answers for parenting in it, so that I can get kids like yours please send me a copy).

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.  Before the season began I prayed that God would help me to be the best coach that I could be for this team, and while I make mistakes and will continue to make them I appreciate the love and assistance that everyone has shown. Thank you for your continued support.



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