“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Psalm 133:1


Varsity Head Coach: Michael Booker – yawyehactivities@gmail.com

Middle School Head Coach: Chris Newman – cnewinsp@gmail.com

January 2021

Do all good things really have to come to an end? Certainly not when we have God in our lives!

Although the FEAST 2020 football season has ended, it doesn’t mean the connections, relationships, and camaraderie built among these young men and all the parents have to end. The season started with many uncertainties, continued with last-minute updates, and ended on solid ground with a deep appreciation and swelling of pride for all of the athletes.

We last left off with the Patriot’s advancement into week 11 with a playoff game vs. BVCHEA. The game was great, with our high school team being victorious. A week later, FEAST found themselves facing off against a tough competitor, Bastrop. While our Patriot team took a hard-hitting loss, our Defensive Line forced changes of the opponent they didn’t expect. We certainly wanted to go further into the season, and it’s definitely our goal for 2021 …all the way!

The FEAST Patriot’s player season officially ended the first weekend in December, with two of our high school athletes making it into the All-Star game. Congratulations to all of our Patriots, and a special congrats to Chase Hill and Gabe Sones for representing FEAST in the All-Star game and producing a win.

Our FEAST Patriots middle school season was a blast! The game vs. Gloria Deo was a win for us, and we continued on our winning streak vs. BVCHEA at the Texas Bowl. Coach Newman and his coaching staff helped guide some great young men. Young men we hope to see in high school next year and many we hope to see again next year in our middle school program. If you were able to come out and watch one of our middle school games, you witnessed a group of boys loving the game, having fun, and always wanting more. The end of season banquet was great, and we are anxious to see what 2021 brings.

As I started this article, yes, the season is over, but football doesn’t have to be. I don’t know about your family, but the constant go, go, go of the season leaves us energized and active, and there always seems to be a “let down” period when suddenly it’s all gone. We have months filled with exercise, workouts, adrenaline, cheering, and roller coaster emotions, then, it’s gone. I encourage all of these young men to actively stay in touch and continue building their relationships off-season as well. It’s called a TEAM and a team is great when they know and understand each other. Of course, continue with workouts and take part in other sports/events – stay active and be ready for 2021 camp.

Go Patriots!

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Archived Articles

December 2020

To God, be the glory! It is only because of Him that we journey into week 11 and start playoffs. We continue to be blessed with willing volunteers and very patient parents. Each week has been filled with uncertainty of where we are playing; yet, everyone has remained positive and supportive. Our fans continue to cheer loudly each game, and let me tell you, this season has left us on the edge of our seats. With several players facing injuries, plays have required last-minute adjustments, and some players are now practicing positions they have not experienced before. Let me say it again…To God be the glory!

We last left off in week eight, where we faced a friendly foe against Winston. The Patriots were successful in leading the game and came out with a win. Week 9 led us face-to-face against a team FEAST often has to battle into overtime. While this game vs. Williamson County didn’t go past 4th quarter, it certainly was a nail-biter. Even though we left the field with a loss, the Patriots displayed awesome teamwork and refined techniques. These
techniques were again displayed in week ten vs. Mt. Carmel Academy and brought our Patriots team another win. FEAST now advances into week 11 with a playoff game vs. BVCHEA. Playoffs will continue for the Patriots as long as we continue with victories and our players remain injury-free.

The Patriots middle school has encountered a great season so far. Game #3 vs. Williamson County exhibited the skills of a team eager to win. The win over Williamson County left the Patriots ready to take on Game #4 and prove to themselves of their growth. A game facing a previous victor, Castle Hills, was unfortunately not going to occur. Due to unforeseen reasons, Game #4 was canceled and left the young Patriots hungry to play again. Game #5 had FEAST battling Atonement Academy, which ended with a Patriots victory. The Patriots middle school season is close to an end with one more game vs. Gloria Deo and then on to the Texas Bowl vs. BVCHEA. Coach Newman and his coaching staff continue to do a great job, and our younger Patriots team continues to show the skills they have learned.

As always, we continue to ask our FEAST family to pray for all of these young men, coaches, volunteers, and parents. As the middle school season is close to an end, we say, “Thank you” for praying over these players. High school playoffs start, and we pray His will be done during practices, devotionals, and game time. Go Patriots!

Varsity Head Coach Michael Booker at yahwehactivities@gmail.com
Middle School Head Chris Newman at cnewinsp@gmail.com

November 2020

Wow! There was such uncertainty in regard to having a football season but here we are approaching week #8. The support of parents, volunteers, and everyone’s prayers allow us to continue. We are blessed each week to see the growth of these young men, and we can’t wait for the rest of the  season.

The month of September proved busy. The Patriots started the month with a scrimmage and were grateful to practice plays against Fredericksburg,
Round Rock, and Hill Country. The Patriots then headed into week five challenging the Austin NYOS. Varsity was victorious, and JV followed suit with victory as well. Week six led FEAST to a familiar and tough competitor with Richland Springs. The physical and mental strength from facing strong competitors is an important part of growth for men following Christ. FEAST then journeyed to compete against the Austin Royals for week seven. Though the Patriots had some players back who were previously out with injuries, the Royals got the better and left FEAST needing to refocus. The

Patriots now head into week eight with three games left before finals. September proved exciting as well, as the Patriots middle school team started their season. The first game against Castle Hills was a battle but showcased the team’s commitment. They followed up with a convincing win over Atonement. The Patriots middle school team continues to practice hard, and they are ready for what the season has in store for them. Game #3 is around the corner with Coach Newman and his coaching staff looking forward to future opponents and witnessing our younger Patriots’ growth.

We continue to ask our FEAST family to pray for all of these young men, coaches, volunteers, and parents. High school and middle school have encountered some minor player injuries, and our home field remains unpredictable.

As always, thank you, and Go Patriots!

Varsity Head Coach Michael Booker at yahwehactivities@gmail.com
Middle School Head Coach Chris Newman at cnewinsp@gmail.com


October 2020

Hoops, hurdles, juggling, and acrobatics…the Circus you say? Nope, football during COVID-19. Yes, although the planning, coordination, field security, game scheduling, player safety, traveling, and constant communication has made us feel we are part of a circus, we are underway with our 2020 season and are very excited about it.

We were grateful to start our season against two tough competitors. Going up against Leakey, a public school team that went 9-2 last season, prepared us for our second game vs. the Nueces Canyon Panthers, which was another strong public school opponent who went 10-3 last season. The Nueces Canyon game showcased the dedication, commitment, and practice of our Patriots team. Though we lost, the final score being 25/30 shows the hard work and improvements the team has been making each week. With a chance to win in the final seconds, the desire and drive of the Patriots football
team was evident to everyone in attendance. The fans showcased their enthusiastic support throughout the game and really got us pumped. The loud cheering, applause, and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

As we continue to strengthen our skills, recognize our abilities, and push through adversity, we have comfort in our Lord, guiding us along the way. Our middle school team only started practices the week of September 7th, and we look forward to seeing the same hard work and dedication of our younger Patriots Football team on the field soon. We ask our FEAST family to pray for all of these young men, coaches, volunteers, and parents as there are still uncertainties with practice field location, home game site, and of course the travel. Go, Patriots!

Varsity Head Coach Michael Booker at yahwehactivities@gmail.com
Commissioner Benitez at robert.benitez@sbcglobal.net
Middle School Head Coach Chris Newman at cnewinsp@gmail.com

September 2020

  • Concentrate on what’s important, one down at a time and let go of everything else (the crowd, your opponents, the coaches, media, weather, )
  • Remind yourself of “RED!” “Ready Every Down” as if THIS play will determine the game’s outcome!
  • Quickly leave your mistakes and upsets and bad calls in the past where they belong!
  • When your focus leaves the NOW, quickly bring yourself
  • Keep your focus on YOU. On YOUR job and what YOU are
  • If your focus drifts to others, the opponents or what you think others are thinking of you, “reset.”
  • When you focus on playing YOUR game, you will avoid getting psyched out!

To be at your best, you have to be loose, relaxed, and properly focused, letting the game come to you, rather than trying to force things. If you make mental mistakes before or during your game, it won’t matter how fast, strong, or talented you are! You will always under- achieve! Simply put, you have to have your head on straight. You have to be mentally tough. And this doesn’t just miraculously happen by telling yourself that!

What you concentrate on before and during the game will affect your self-confidence, how calm or nervous you are, and ultimately, how well you play. When you stay focused on YOU and just one down at a time, you will stay calm and loose, have access to your confidence, and as a result, play to your potential!

Football has been practicing diligently for the upcoming season. The program has 23 registered high school players and 12 registered middle school players. The schedule will be available on the website, so be sure to come out and support your FEAST Patriots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST FOOTBALL – Contact Varsity Head Coach Michael Booker at yahwehactivities@gmail.com or Middle School Head Chris Newman and the email to cnewinsp@gmail.com


August 2020


The month of July saw our football team putting in the work necessary for the upcoming season. Voluntary strength and conditioning sessions were held on the FEAST Resource Center grounds the last two weeks of the month. It was great seeing all the returning faces and the new faces as well!
The team is waiting on decisions to be made by local governing agencies as to when the season will officially start, but when it does, they will be ready to go!