Head Commissioner & Varsity Head Coach: Michael Booker – football@homeschoolfeast.com

Middle School Head Coach: Anthoney Barker

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May 2022


FEAST Positioning and Spring Football Day Camps

FEAST Football will host three 2-day Positioning Camps in May and a 3-day Spring Camp in June.  All camps are open to anyone middle school – high school ages. Whether you are new to football, play other sports, or have football experience, everyone is welcome to register. Registration is now open!

  • Positioning Camps: Each 2-day Positioning Camp will concentrate on workouts, drills, techniques, and skills for each respective position.  It’s a time for dedicated focus on the specific position on the field. 
  • Spring Camp: The 3-day Spring Camp is a general camp focused on all football positions and starts the foundation of team building. The workouts, drills, techniques, and skills are focused on a team as a whole with mini games being played and a game of speed ball here and there.   

FEAST will supply cold water, but each athlete should bring their own bottle/jug. Football cleats are highly recommended. If you have any questions about the camps listed below, please contact Football Commissioner, Michael Booker at (210) 286-0386 or football@homeschoolfeast.com.   


Spring Camps Start Soon and Fall Planning is Underway!

I’m not sure if it’s officially spring (or if Texas even has a spring), but God’s artistic color palette is displayed across fields and the breeze has been quite enjoyable for offseason workouts. We are very blessed that several of our football players are participating in FEAST Track to hone skills that will improve their field tactics during the in-season. We are also equally blessed to have had a few team building events with families with more planned throughout the offseason. 

The Villarreal family opened their home to the HS team for the Super bowl, at which Team Captain, Collin Booker, said, “It was a good time.” The Jumes family then organized a great team building opportunity where several of our existing HS players and incoming freshmen participated in crew rowing. Our athletes had a great time and enjoyed lunch together afterwards. A few of our HS and MS players also volunteered to help at the FEAST Track Patriot Invitational Meet in April. The help was very much appreciated and it was great to see cross-sport support within the FEAST organization! Our HS Captains are also organizing a few events and communicating everything through our StackTeam App

StackTeam App is still very much in use during the offseason so we encourage you to get connected! While we focus on offseason workouts, getting acclimated to the Texas heat, and maintaining a good diet/fitness, our football program needs to prioritize program donations. Our needs are vast with safety equipment, medical supplies, conditioning helmets, more uniforms, and field/referee costs.  Our prayer is God will provide for us this season so we can have another successful year of fellowship opportunties together through sport. 

Details on our May Spring Camp will be posted soon, on StackTeam App, and on our FEAST Football Facebook page.  Spring Camp is open to anyone, not just football players, and it’s for both middle and high school athletes.

To our High School players:  In order to best allocate program funds to equipment priorities, your coaches and I plan to offer more spring camp opportunities that will focus on field positions as well as team bonding in lieu of our retreat.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

Archived Articles

April 2022

Spring might seem like a time for just strength and conditioning workouts, but the FEAST football game has only changed to preparing for the next season. This means equipment inventory, cleaning, storage, and “fundraising!”  For our returning families, as well as each new family we welcome into FEAST Football, securing donations to support the football program is one of the main focuses during the off-season.

Even though there aren’t daily practices and games, the work and effort put in to plan and prepare for the next season is still a weekly need. As we pray for stability with our nation and events around the world, we know this can be a challenging time for fundraising. However, may God’s will be done as we hope to reach our goals for maintenance, equipment, and uniforms in preparation for the 2022 season.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

March/February 2022

And we definitely had a fun 2021 season! Although it’s over, plans are already underway for the 2022 season. Before we get there, our FEAST Football family wants to congratulate our senior players and those graduating early who will embark on a new chapter in their lives this year.  Sam Morris, Nathan Rocha, Grayson Page, Brayden Dinh, and Ethan Ray have played the last of their football days with FEAST.  We will pray for these young men as they have either dedicated themselves to our Armed Forces, college, or mission work. We pray their paths remain dedicated to God and focused on Christ.

At the end-of-season banquet for High School, we congratulated the following players who qualified for their football letterman: Gabriel Ceron, David Jumes, Kevin Mantooth, Oliver Morris, Grayson Page, Nathan Rocha and Ethan Ray.  We also announced our 2022 FEAST High School Football Team Captains: Collin Booker and Reuben Fox. All of these players are deserving of these honors, which are well earned. 

Remember, off-season doesn’t mean off-activity. Players should continue to stay active in other sports, extracurricular activities, working out, and eating well.  Team App, which is now known as Stack Team App, will remain active with offseason gatherings.  Before you know it, information will be going out about spring camp, retreats, offseason workouts, etc. 

Thank you to Is Castrejon for photos!

FEAST Football is now accepting 2022-23 Commissioner and Coach applications. Apply today!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

January 2022

Well, it is official folks, the 2021 FEAST Football season has come to a close.  Our Patriots finished the season strong with several of our athletes representing in All Star Games and many of our players jumping right into FEAST Track & Field.  If I were to put this 2021 season into one word, I would say, “Persevering”. 

The high school and middle school athletes demonstrated endurance, determination, and remained steadfast with each obstacle presented before them.  Some overcame injuries, some remained dedicated even though injuries left them out for the season, some tirelessly played entire games with little rest, and some drove themselves to reach another level of skill they didn’t know they had…Perseverance. 

High School: Our HS Patriots ended their schedule in semifinals vs. Tribe Warriors.  It was a back and forth battle with both teams showcasing their offensive line.  Although our Patriots fell short of a win, they remained strong and steadfast to the end.  These Patriots had a wonderful season and their coaches, families, and fans are so proud of their accomplishments.  A special congratulations goes out to a few Patriots players who were selected to represent FEAST in the 2021 TAIAO All Star Game and/or the 2021 Texas Private School Six Man Football All Star Game:  Collin Booker, Ethan Ray, Gabriel Sones, Grayson Page, Reuben Fox, and Sam Morris.  What an honor to represent FEAST Patriots, but most importantly to represent Christ through football!  Our HS finalized their season with an End of Season Banquet at Garden Ridge Community Center with a great turnout, wonderful presentations, and much needed football family time after being apart for over a month. 

Middle School: Our MS Patriots team has a large group of 8th graders moving up to high school next year.  Several of them accepted the offering of practicing with the high school team during the last two weeks of their regular season and these athletes did great.  Although the football season is over, Team App will remain active as off-season gatherings are planned and the bond with these players continues to grow.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

December 2021

FEAST Football has closed one 2021 season chapter, but one is left open waiting to end! It’s been a great season and I can’t believe it is almost over. Our athletes have built bonds, our families have shared lots of laughs, our volunteers have exemplified teamwork, and our coaches have epitomized the Lord’s grace on the field.  

High School: Semifinals here we come. Yep, you read correctly! Our HS Patriots tackled their way to the semi-finals and we are ecstatic!  Regular season games 7-10 had our team facing familiar foes vs. Austin Royals and Wilco, and also two new nemesis teams in Arlington Heights and St. Stephen’s. Round 1 Playoffs was a win as our opponent, CHANT, had to forfeit. Round 2 Playoffs paired our Patriots vs. BVCHEA. The game was held in Bryan, Texas and proved fruitful as our HS Patriots gained a win. Our next semi-final game shows our HS Patriots facing off vs. Tribe in Smithville. Our HS families are ready to be loud – Patriot proud! Not only has our HS Patriots team made it to the semi-finals, but each game, whether we win or lose, has left our opponents appreciating the character of our team and our coaches receiving compliments about our team’s integrity. Gooooo Patriots!

Middle School: Two Bits! Four Bits! Six Bits! A Dollar! All for the Patriots Stand Up and Holler!  Our MS Patriots finished the regular season on top and headed into the Semifinals vs. Atonement. After a successful win, they went on to battle for the STFC South Division Championship vs. St. Mary’s Hall. The game was thrilling and pushed our young men to demonstrate their Christ-like character the entire time.  Although the game was a loss, our Patriots played well, and remain #1 in our hearts! The MS finalized their season with a fellowship at Big’z Burger Joint where we recognized our team, volunteers, and coaches.  Our players were gifted a memory picture book to remind them of the friendships and hard work they gained this year. Please pray these friendships continue and for our 8th graders as they embark on a journey of high school football. You rock, MS Patriots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

November 2021

FEAST Football is nearing the end of the regular season. Just three more weeks before playoffs and a chance to compete for the TAIAO Division 1 6-man football State Championship! 

It’s been a season of tough battles, perseverance, and readiness to adjust for schedule changes. As commissioner, I want to thank the parents of FEAST Football for being understanding and graceful this season. Your patience and grace with me directly affected my ability to work with referees and the challenges they face with personnel shortages. Coordinating with other coaches when they’ve needed to make similar schedule changes gave me the opportunity to extend the patience of our FEAST families and our willingness to help, which enabled our boys to continue competing. Only one game needed to be canceled this season and we even picked up a game in less than a weeks’ notice! Thank you, FEAST football families! 

High School: Our Patriots are having a roller coaster of a year with some big wins and some nail-biting losses. We played game #3 vs. Mt. Carmel Bulldogs of Houston and our FEAST Patriots scored a victory.  We also had the pleasure of hosting an after-game meal for Mt. Carmel since they traveled so far. It was a great way to represent Christ in opening our football table for both teams to relax and eat.  

Game #4 vs. NYOS Jaguars of Austin followed suit with another win for our Patriots. Game #5 was a last minute change in our schedule having our Patriots travel to Rankin, Texas. This game, vs. Rankin Red Devils, was a tough one and ended in a Patriot loss.  We are very grateful for the hospitality Rankin showed to our Patriot players with a home-cooked steak dinner and overnight hotel stay. Game #6 was our Senior Recognition and Patriot Pride game, facing us against the Austin Royals. The pride for our Patriots was evident, but the game ended in another loss for our team.  As we head into the last stretch of the regular season, we remain determined to showcase the talents of our players, while having some fun.  An upcoming paintball get-together is sure to bring up spirits before we face our next set of opponents.  We do ask for prayers for our High School team as several players are recouping from injuries. 

Middle School:  Boy, oh boy! Our MS Patriots have displayed a great season with a record of 6-0 as we await word for playoffs. Game #3 was a forfeit by our opponents, Concordia, and left our athletes itching for play time. The Patriots picked right back up with a 3-game winning stretch for Game #4 vs. TMI, Game #5 vs. St. Mary’s Hall, and finishing the regular season with Game #6 vs. Atonement.  Such an amazing feat for a team comprised of mostly new athletes to both FEAST and to the game of football!  Our coaches and parents are doing a great job to motivate these young athletes and build the bond between them. Please pray for these young men as they head into playoffs and the final stretch of their 2021 football season. 

As always, God bless, and Go Patriots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

October 2021

Our relationship with Christ is most important. Everything following our relationship with Christ is based upon the opportunities we are given, and what we choose to do with them. Playing football this fall, similar to last fall, has not been the guarantee most people may have thought. Whether it is rescheduling of games, cancellations, or field changes, may we all be thankful for every opportunity we have. I encourage us to make the most of every practice, game, and get together, for there are no guarantees. A special thank you to the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO), San Antonio Chapter, and all officials around the state doing their best to continue providing an opportunity for youth sports to continue.   

High School: Though early in the season, we have two scrimmages and two games in the books; our FEAST HS Patriots are proving to be a formidable opponent! Our season kicked off with a scrimmage vs. Fredericksburg Heritage and Round Rock in a tournament of sorts. This scrimmage typically commences the season with good opponent practice.  In August, we scrimmaged the Jubilee Lions of San Antonio instead of a planned game, due to a shortage of officials. The Patriots did great and it provided good practice for a home game on our rented home field for the year. 

Our regular season games started off facing two public school opponents and shined a light on the dedication and power our HS Patriot team is building. The Nueces Canyon Panthers hosted game #1, and the Patriots were victorious with a 46-0 win. We headed into game #2 vs. the Leakey Eagles and WOW, this was a nail-biter! The Patriots fought hard against this #10 rated UIL six-man Division I team, and barely lost 56-52, with one (yes, one) second left in the game. While the score showed a loss, our hearts were victorious and our coaches beamed with pride. We look forward to game #3 vs. Mt. Carmel Bulldogs of Houston and #4 vs. NYOS Jaguars of Austin. 

Middle school:  Our MS FEAST Patriots have been practicing hard and building an inspiring bond as there are only three returning players this season. Their hard work proved successful in game #1 vs. the Castle Hills Eagles. Our coaches led the team to a victory 26-20 and our players were complimented on their discernment. We look forward to what this season holds for our younger FEAST Patriots as we head into game #2 vs. Concordia of San Antonio and #3 vs. the TMI Panthers of San Antonio. 

We continue to ask our FEAST family to pray for all of these young men, coaches, team managers, volunteers, and parents.  Lastly, a big THANK YOU to our fans showcasing their enthusiastic support throughout each game. Your cheering is encouragement for our teams and is greatly appreciated!

As always, God bless, and Go Patriots!

If you have any questions about the FEAST Patriots Football team, feel free to reach out to Commissioner/HS Head Coach, Michael Booker. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

September 2021

We have new brothers in Christ who have joined our team and they, along with our returning athletes, are growing to build bonds that will last forever. The work is challenging, and the intensity is high.  What will be the results of our off-season? I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to find out!   

FEAST Football pre-season practices (Middle School and High School) are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with an occasional Saturday from 5-7:30pm (please arrive 30 minutes early).  Practice location is 16765 Lookout Road, Selma, TX. 78154. 

High School: The opportunity is upon us; what do we intend to do with it? Are you ready to encourage each other? Persevere any potential adversity? Coaching staff, what does Christ have for us this season? What lessons will He have for us to pass on to this group of young men? How can we grow as a group of coaches and how can we better lead? Each opportunity should be cherished. Thank you, Lord, for another season! May we remain healthy and may all those who witness FEAST Patriots Football see You in everything we do, on and off the field.  

Middle School: You are so blessed to have Coach Barker this year and he jumped right in, raring to go. Our middle school team has many new faces this season and they are all eager. Boys, make sure to take care of your responsibilities at home because doing the correct thing for the correct reason begins before you get to the practice field. We look forward to the growth you will each have this season as well as the wonderful memories gained.    

Parents: Securing the River City field has been a weight lifted and how wonderful is God’s timing to see the boys putting in the work. As we move towards the season, our next focus is for field lighting. River City is both our practice and our home field for games. I will work with equipment rental businesses and speak to contractors about adequate lighting for all of our home games.  Prayers are needed, and if you have any contacts in these areas, please let me know.  

Team communication: If your player is already registered, please download Team App onto your mobile device. Type in FEAST Middle School Football or FEAST High School Football and turn notifications on. This will be our main communication for team information this season.   

Middle school registrations close soon so if anyone you know has expressed interest have them Contact FEAST Football/Coach Barker.  Furthermore, a big THANK YOU to the Rizo family for inviting us to their home and Dr. Rizo for training our team managers on proper wrapping and educating us on what to look out for with injuries. Your expertise is greatly appreciated and we value you sharing your knowledge. Lastly, another big THANK YOU to all players, parents, and volunteers who assisted in making our FEAST Homeschool Expo Football Booth a success. GO PATRIOTS!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com




FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com



FRIDAY, AUGUST 6th at 5pm!

River City Community Church | 16765 Lookout Road, Selma, TX

August 2021

I may be jesting, but with God’s abundant blessing of rain this year, kayaking, swimming, and rafting may be some new, creative training activities among south Texas football teams. Well, that, or sprinting away from gigantic mosquitos, all of which will get the heart rate up!

Speaking of heart rates, hopefully, yours is getting stronger and excited since August is the beginning of the 2021 football season – Go Patriots! The results of your off-season workouts and dedication to staying fit will be on display soon. I am very eager to get back out on the field with friends, family, and fellow Patriots. 

HIGH SCHOOL:  I’m sure you all have been following off-season workouts correctly…right? Heat acclimation from these workouts will allow us to have strong pre-season activities. The humidity will likely be higher this season, so begin your hydration (drinking water), as soon as you wake up each morning. Stay away from sugary drinks, greasy food, and junk food. It may also benefit you to have a stretching routine each morning. Practice isn’t the only time your health and fitness are important! Another recommendation is to start adjusting your sleep habits. If you’ve been on vacation or staying up late with family and friends each night, although fun, it can be challenging to get back into the routine of getting adequate sleep. Your eating habits, activity, and rest need to balance each other for you to see the best gains from the hard work you will be putting in.

Important:  Preseason practices start Monday, August 02, 2021, from 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., arrival should be 30 minutes early.  Practice days will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with an occasional Saturday.  Location will be announced via direct email communication. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL: I am so extremely grateful to introduce our new FEAST Middle School Football Head Coach, Mr. Anthoney Barker. Patriots, please join me in giving an excited and blessed welcome to Coach Barker, his wife Jana, and their boys. They are excited to join the FEAST Patriots and lead you all in the 2021 season. Coach Barker and his wife have 4 years of previous experience coaching a successful youth football program. Please pray for the Barker family and how Christ intends to use them to lead you this season. 

Important:  Preseason practices start Monday, August 09, 2021, from 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., arrival should be 30 minutes early.  Practice days will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with an occasional Saturday.  Location will be announced via direct email communication. 

PARENTS:  As announced in the middle school section, our new Middle School Head Coach is Coach Anthoney Barker. I believe the teamwork from Coach Barker and his wife Jana will be a wonderful addition to our strong faith family of volunteers. As requested of the players, please pray for this new family to FEAST and their leadership with our young men. 

Although August is already here, we still need dads to be a part of the 2021 football year’s activities and volunteer as assistant coaches. If God is calling you to join a coaching team to assist, contact me. This is a wonderful time in the life of these young men and offers you an up-close experience when standing on the sideline with them.

Lastly, as mentioned at the mandatory parent meetings, we rely on our parents and families to volunteer. There isn’t anything too small to assist with or make a suggestion about. If you want to be close to the action, we always need volunteers to work chains and take stats. If you would rather be a bird in the sky, maybe scoreboard/time clock management or filming is a better fit. If you are like my wife and love the view as a spectator, volunteer to make signs, pass out noisemakers, or organize spirit gear orders to boost the team. Siblings also make great volunteers with concessions and admissions. Whatever your talent, i.e., photography, drumming, announcing, etc., it will help steward FEAST Football.

Meet Commissioner Michael Booker!

Commissioner Michael Booker is also our head coach for the high school program and has been part of the FEAST Patriots football family for five years. Before joining FEAST, Michael volunteered as a coach for five years with a Texas youth football league as well as for his church’s Upward Basketball program. He has also trained several AAU Track & Field athletes.  

Michael has a beautiful daughter, Lula, and he and his wife, Sarah, have three boys: Collin, Deacon, and Elijah. Michael and Sarah have been married for 18 years, but they have known each other since middle school. Sarah will tell you that Michael is the reason she loves football! They were middle school sweethearts, and she cheered him on from the Band each time he made a touchdown (which was often!).

Coach Booker was always an active athlete: football, long jump, triple jump, relays, skateboarding, racing motorcycles, and practicing martial arts.  On any given day you may now find him skateboarding with Elijah, playing drums or guitar with Collin, or an impromptu martial arts strike with Deacon. The Booker Family loves to laugh, take family trips, attend motorsports events, and spend time with extended family, but most of all, they love to be with each other.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

Please check back for a rescheduled date – thank you!


Mandatory Season Kickoff Meeting:

(One parent must attend with the player)

Friday, July 23rd at 6pm
FEAST Gathering Barn
(behind the FEAST Offices, pictured)
7735 Mockingbird Lane, San Antonio, TX 78229

July 2021
Anyone else notice how many flowers continue to paint the landscape…

…Yet we are in the middle of summer? What a blessing the rains have been, but the mosquitos we can definitely do without. Our cat is certainly enjoying all the frogs, which is probably not a good thing now that I’m thinking about it, since the frogs eat the mosquitos. (Hmmm, note to self: teach the cat to like frogs as friends and not food.)  

Speaking of food, I hope all you athletes are practicing steady hydration and healthy eating. Don’t forget the workouts, cardio, stretching, and helping at home with house and yard work.  Yes, using a push mower can be practice for blocking a defender. The grass lines may be zigzags, but it works.  

High School: Summer is upon us and what an amazing time we had at the Football Retreat!  I’m still invigorated yet worn from the wonderful week we had at Knott Creek Falls. We were blessed to practice and have devotionals surrounded by fresh hill country air, geese that were actually louder than me, fun in the water, and great company. (See more retreat fun on Instagram!) With the camaraderie and friendships gained during the retreat, we must continue to build up our team for the coming season. Dates, times and locations set for voluntary strength and conditioning workouts are being scheduled. Having fellowships with your teammates and growing together are just a few foundations of what makes a great team. Times and locations will be communicated via email.

Middle School: The past few MANNA articles have contained the request for prayers that God bring men forward who feel called to lead and coach our middle school football team. Your prayers are working in great ways, and I thank you so much for them. Some wonderful dads have reached out and expressed an interest. Please continue the prayers for God’s guidance with me and these gentlemen. The more coaching volunteers we have, the more successful our team can be with dedicated leadership. Individual meetings will continue with these and any future men who are being called by God to coach. As always, a coach’s dedication must first stand for Christ and then football follows. As mentioned in the High School section: dates, times and locations set for voluntary strength and conditioning workouts are being scheduled. Times and locations will be communicated via email.   

Parents: I hope you all are doing well, and your athletes performed exceptionally on curriculums. Remember, even homeschool athletics leadership views academics as a priority. The coaching staff and I are always willing to encourage athletes who may need a push in understanding the importance of academia with sports. We remain in need of a volunteer(s) to assist with getting sponsorship and donations started for our FEAST Football teams. If you are willing to provide guidance, start some research, and/or take over funding opportunities, please contact me. Our program’s immediate needs are for training equipment and helmets. Also, those of you with talents to coordinate ordering of spirit-wear, (i.e., shirts, caps, noise makers, etc.), please contact me.  All FEAST Patriot football players should keep a lookout for updates to the off-season workout schedule.  Also, I am excited to report we have been approached by quite a few new families interested in FEAST football. This is very encouraging and provides all of you returning athletes the opportunity to help mentor and share your expertise. I continue to pray for our upcoming season and for the preparations to ensure it is successful. Go Patriots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

June 2021

April showers apparently no longer bring May flowers, but instead more showers?

God has blessed us with needed rain in April and May, but with it some extreme weather conditions. The FEAST football family continues to pray for those who are dealing with damages. Please let me know if there are any needs you have or prayer requests.

The FEAST Football 2021 Spring Camp in May was a wonderful success! The rains provided us nice, green fields to get some great work accomplished. The efforts seen by these athletes are great. They are teaching each other, hyping each other up on tackles and drills, and asking great questions. Both middle school and high school boys are working together and cultivating team relationships. Such a great start in bonding and what I pray will grow even stronger as we have only a few months before pre-season begins. I must acknowledge this blessing because last year we weren’t able to have camp. Witnessing these athletes honor this opportunity to learn and grow in their football knowledge is exciting. Thank you to all the coaching volunteers who take the time to come out, share their experience, and guide our athletes. I am surrounded by Christ-centered men who not only build up our athletes, but me as well. God is good!

High School: As soon as camp finished, our high school athletes geared up for our 2021 Football Retreat. This exciting annual event was blessed with great opportunities. We were blessed with both our returning athletes and this season’s new FEAST high school football players. Our goal was building Christ-centered relationships and bonds lasting well beyond the football field. What a week of fellowship, team building, and honoring Christ. Let’s not forget, a great week of workouts, overcoming challenges, exhaustion, and soreness. Oh, and food (lots of great food!) coordinated by some of the wonderful volunteers blessing our football family by God. Thank you to Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Perez for, yet again, making my life easier and coordinating meals for so many hungry boys.

Middle School: We continue to pray for direction to a middle school head coach. The young athletes who attended camp are eager and driven. If you are or know of a Christ-centered man who would be great to lead and honor Him through sports, please contact me. I would love to discuss how you can be a blessing to our youth.

Parents: I need volunteers to assist with getting sponsorships and donations started for our FEAST Football teams. If you are willing to provide guidance, start some research, and/or take over funding opportunities, please contact me. Our program’s immediate needs are for training equipment, helmets, and an enclosed trailer. Also, those of you with talents to coordinate the ordering of spirit-wear (i.e., shirts, caps, noise-makers, etc.), please contact me.

All FEAST Patriot football players should be keeping up with off-season workouts. Your body is the temple given to you by Christ: take care of it correctly. If you are competing in other sports, always work hard, glorify Christ, and honor Him. Go Patriots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

May 2021

What a great beginning to the spring season!

More businesses are up and running, flowers are in abundance, off-season workouts are underway, and oak pollen is everywhere! Ok, maybe the last one isn’t so great but here is a great update for FEAST Football:

High School: Our talks with Knott Creek Falls went well and our Annual Spring Retreat is scheduled Monday, May 10 – Thursday, May 13, 2021

If this will be your first season with FEAST Football or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Middle School: We still have a need for the middle school’s head coaching position. If you are or know of a Christ-centered man who would enjoy leading young men through sports in a way that honors and glorifies Christ, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would enjoy speaking with you about how you can be a blessing to our youth.

I am currently looking for a location and dates for spring camp for both High School and Middle School. If you know of a good location or facility that is available, let me know.

FEAST Patriot Football Players, stay disciplined and on task. Do not take for granted that camp will be enough to prepare you for the season. Keep up with off-season workouts. For those of you competing in other sports, I hope you are working hard and you are enjoying being in fellowship with those athletes as we do in football.

Also, please continue to stay active with reading your emails and updates on our team apps.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

April 2021

I don’t know about you, but 2021 seems to be going by very quickly.

Before you know it, the Texas heat will be here, and football will be back in session. I hope everyone recovered from the “freeze” but also enjoyed the wonders of God’s hands and played in the snow.

Although we are still in the off-season, plans, projections, and meetings have been underway. Families who were on our roster last year should have received a preliminary 2021 schedule via email. Both middle school and high school are encouraged to remain knowledgeable of each other’s events, etc. If you were a middle school 8th grader or incoming freshman, please reach out to me so I may amend the rosters accordingly.

High School: I am currently in talks with Still Water Sports Ministry for our spring retreat. This is an annual event proven time and time again to create a strong bond with teammates before the season starts. Unfortunately, 2020 events forced us to cancel this awesome experience, but as of current, 2021 will hopefully make up for the lost year. We are looking at the month of May with more details to hopefully follow soon. Stay active with reading your emails and updates on our team apps.

Middle School: Football camps will start in June, and I encourage you to be ready. This is typically the first time each season for the two teams to build bonds and work together. Also, please pray for the leadership of our middle school. I am in prayer and having discussions pertaining to the direction for the middle school’s head coaching position. We are confident God will speak to someone in advance of the season’s commencement. Stay active with reading your emails and updates on our team apps.

Finally, all FEAST Patriot football players should be keeping up with off-season workouts. Your body is the temple given to you by Christ. Take care of it correctly. If you are competing in other sports, always work hard and honor Him.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

March 2021

Well, it’s official…

FEAST has a new Football Commissioner, and I need all the prayers you can give. The faithful men who have filled this spot before me have built great relationships among our competitors and cultivated so many youth’s lives. I pray God uses me in a manner that continues to show our youth and their families how football can be used for God’s glory.

The FEAST High School family had our end-of-season banquet in January. What a blessing it was to see everyone again. We enjoyed a fine meal and a great venue planned by the parents of our Seniors. A huge Thank You to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hill for organizing the event. Our banquet shined a light on our two Seniors who are moving on to bigger opportunities in life. Chase Hill and Jesse Phillip, we pray your paths remain focused on God and continue to do His work with whatever He has planned for you.

I would also like to thank the many volunteers who ensured this crazy football season actually existed and allowed me to stay sane. Both our High School and Middle School teams were surrounded by volunteer talents, encouragement, and Christ-like guidance. FEAST Patriots Rock!

All returning FEAST Patriot football players, keep up with your off-season workouts. Your body is the temple given to you by Christ. Take care of it correctly. If you are competing in other sports, always work hard and honor Christ.

February 2021

The season is over, but that doesn’t mean the brotherhood ends.

In our last article, I encouraged all athletes and families to stay in touch. This is very important in order to continue building relationships among teammates. It’s a blessing to be a homeschool family as we each are touched by so many new relationships. However, it’s more challenging for homeschool sports to build the same bond we see with our public school, private school, and smaller town competitors. Our athletes and families have to dedicate themselves to build these connections since we all live away from each other, military families who are dedicated to travel, and new families joining.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:24-25

In an effort to continue team-building… Make sure to check your emails weekly for updates from coaches, families, and friends. Families should keep their Shutterfly and Team apps active. Players should continue using Hudl and messaging each other. Everyone, keep your notifications on because there will be updates as the off-season progresses.

Let’s not forget, this is me, Coach Booker talking, and I couldn’t possibly forget to give you some off-season workouts to start with…you are welcome. Be on the lookout for emails and or Team app notifications. Workout modifications are being reviewed by Mr. Rizo and myself.

January 2021

Do all good things really have to come to an end? Certainly not when we have God in our lives!

Although the FEAST 2020 football season has ended, it doesn’t mean the connections, relationships, and camaraderie built among these young men and all the parents have to end. The season started with many uncertainties, continued with last-minute updates, and ended on solid ground with a deep appreciation and swelling of pride for all of the athletes.

We last left off with the Patriot’s advancement into week 11 with a playoff game vs. BVCHEA. The game was great, with our high school team being victorious. A week later, FEAST found themselves facing off against a tough competitor, Bastrop. While our Patriot team took a hard-hitting loss, our Defensive Line forced changes of the opponent they didn’t expect. We certainly wanted to go further into the season, and it’s definitely our goal for 2021 …all the way!

The FEAST Patriot’s player season officially ended the first weekend in December, with two of our high school athletes making it into the All-Star game. Congratulations to all of our Patriots, and a special congrats to Chase Hill and Gabe Sones for representing FEAST in the All-Star game and producing a win.

Our FEAST Patriots middle school season was a blast! The game vs. Gloria Deo was a win for us, and we continued on our winning streak vs. BVCHEA at the Texas Bowl. Coach Newman and his coaching staff helped guide some great young men. Young men we hope to see in high school next year and many we hope to see again next year in our middle school program. If you were able to come out and watch one of our middle school games, you witnessed a group of boys loving the game, having fun, and always wanting more. The end of season banquet was great, and we are anxious to see what 2021 brings.

As I started this article, yes, the season is over, but football doesn’t have to be. I don’t know about your family, but the constant go, go, go of the season leaves us energized and active, and there always seems to be a “let down” period when suddenly it’s all gone. We have months filled with exercise, workouts, adrenaline, cheering, and roller coaster emotions, then, it’s gone. I encourage all of these young men to actively stay in touch and continue building their relationships off-season as well. It’s called a TEAM and a team is great when they know and understand each other. Of course, continue with workouts and take part in other sports/events – stay active and be ready for 2021 camp.

Go Patriots!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com

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