“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Psalm 133:1


Head Commissioner and Varsity Head Coach: Michael Booker – football@homeschoolfeast.com

Middle School Head Coach: Chris Newman – cnewinsp@gmail.com


April 2021

I don’t know about you, but 2021 seems to be going by very quickly. Before you know it, the Texas heat will be here, and football will be back in session. I hope everyone recovered
from the “freeze” but also enjoyed the wonders of God’s hands and played in the snow.

Although we are still in the off-season, plans, projections, and meetings have been underway. Families who were on our roster last year should have received a preliminary 2021 schedule via email. Both middle school and high school are encouraged to remain knowledgeable of each other’s events, etc. If you were a middle school 8th grader or incoming freshman, please reach out to me so I may amend the rosters accordingly.

High School: I am currently in talks with Still Water Sports Ministry for our spring retreat. This is an annual event proven time and time again to create a strong bond with teammates before the season starts. Unfortunately, 2020 events forced us to cancel this awesome experience, but as of current, 2021 will hopefully make up for the lost year. We are looking at the month of May with more details to hopefully follow soon. Stay active with reading your emails and updates on our team apps.

Middle School: Football camps will start in June, and I encourage you to be ready. This is typically the first time each season for the two teams to build bonds and work together. Also, please pray for the leadership of our middle school. I am in prayer and having discussions pertaining to the direction for the middle school’s head coaching position. We are confident God will speak to someone in advance of the season’s commencement. Stay active with reading your emails and updates on our team apps.

Finally, all FEAST Patriot football players should be keeping up with off-season workouts. Your body is the temple given to you by Christ. Take care of it correctly. If you are
competing in other sports, always work hard and honor Him.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FEAST FOOTBALL CONTACT: Head Commissioner/Varsity Head Coach, Michael Booker at football@homeschoolfeast.com



Archived Articles


March 2021

Well, it’s official. FEAST has a new Football Commissioner, and I need all the prayers you can give. The faithful men who have filled this spot before me have built great relationships among our competitors and cultivated so many youth’s lives. I pray God uses me in a manner that continues to show our youth and their families how football can be used for God’s glory.

The FEAST High School family had our end-of-season banquet in January. What a blessing it was to see everyone again. We enjoyed a fine meal and a great venue planned by the parents of our Seniors. A huge Thank You to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hill for organizing the event. Our banquet shined a light on our two Seniors who are moving on to bigger opportunities in life. Chase Hill and Jesse Phillip, we pray your paths remain focused on God and continue to do His work with whatever He has planned for you.

I would also like to thank the many volunteers who ensured this crazy football season actually existed and allowed me to stay sane. Both our High School and Middle School teams were surrounded by volunteer talents, encouragement, and Christ-like guidance. FEAST Patriots Rock!

All returning FEAST Patriot football players, keep up with your off-season workouts. Your body is the temple given to you by Christ. Take care of it correctly. If you are competing
in other sports, always work hard and honor Christ.


February 2021


The season is over, but that doesn’t mean the brotherhood ends. In our last article, I encouraged all athletes and families to stay in touch. This is very important in order to continue building relationships among teammates. It’s a blessing to be a homeschool family as we each are touched by so many new relationships. However, it’s more challenging for homeschool sports to build the same bond we see with our public school, private school, and smaller town competitors. Our athletes and families have to dedicate themselves to build these connections since we all live away from each other, military families who are dedicated to travel, and new families joining.

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Hebrews 10:24-25

In an effort to continue team-building… Make sure to check your emails weekly for updates from coaches, families, and friends. Families should keep their Shutterfly and Team apps active. Players should continue using Hudl and messaging each other. Everyone, keep your notifications on because there will be updates as the off-season progresses.

Let’s not forget, this is me, Coach Booker talking, and I couldn’t possibly forget to give you some off-season workouts to start with…you are welcome. Be on the lookout for emails and or Team app notifications. Workout modifications are being reviewed by Mr. Rizo and myself.


January 2021

Do all good things really have to come to an end? Certainly not when we have God in our lives!

Although the FEAST 2020 football season has ended, it doesn’t mean the connections, relationships, and camaraderie built among these young men and all the parents have to end. The season started with many uncertainties, continued with last-minute updates, and ended on solid ground with a deep appreciation and swelling of pride for all of the athletes.

We last left off with the Patriot’s advancement into week 11 with a playoff game vs. BVCHEA. The game was great, with our high school team being victorious. A week later, FEAST found themselves facing off against a tough competitor, Bastrop. While our Patriot team took a hard-hitting loss, our Defensive Line forced changes of the opponent they didn’t expect. We certainly wanted to go further into the season, and it’s definitely our goal for 2021 …all the way!

The FEAST Patriot’s player season officially ended the first weekend in December, with two of our high school athletes making it into the All-Star game. Congratulations to all of our Patriots, and a special congrats to Chase Hill and Gabe Sones for representing FEAST in the All-Star game and producing a win.

Our FEAST Patriots middle school season was a blast! The game vs. Gloria Deo was a win for us, and we continued on our winning streak vs. BVCHEA at the Texas Bowl. Coach Newman and his coaching staff helped guide some great young men. Young men we hope to see in high school next year and many we hope to see again next year in our middle school program. If you were able to come out and watch one of our middle school games, you witnessed a group of boys loving the game, having fun, and always wanting more. The end of season banquet was great, and we are anxious to see what 2021 brings.

As I started this article, yes, the season is over, but football doesn’t have to be. I don’t know about your family, but the constant go, go, go of the season leaves us energized and active, and there always seems to be a “let down” period when suddenly it’s all gone. We have months filled with exercise, workouts, adrenaline, cheering, and roller coaster emotions, then, it’s gone. I encourage all of these young men to actively stay in touch and continue building their relationships off-season as well. It’s called a TEAM and a team is great when they know and understand each other. Of course, continue with workouts and take part in other sports/events – stay active and be ready for 2021 camp.

Go Patriots!