Welcome, Commissioners!


To our amazing FEAST Athletics Commissioners ‚Äď THANK YOU!! ūüėä

It is impossible to put into words the gratitude and appreciation that FEAST Leadership has for you and the demanding role you play in your sport and on your team as Commissioner. We value you! In an effort to better support you, we introduce Comm2 = Commissioner Communication.

Beginning today, we‚Äôll send Comm2 : a weekly ‚Äúbite” of info (5-min read maximum!) about FEAST Athletics to better communicate typical roles & responsibilities¬†of the Commissioner! Watch for ‚ÄúDid you know?‚ÄĚ sections for fun FEAST history, or maybe it will cover important lessons we‚Äôve had and want to share with you.¬†(We‚Äôll post Comm2 on our Commissioner Corner page for reference.)

Our goal is to provide a great way for all of us to stay aligned and effective as we serve our FEAST homeschool families who use sports as a part of their¬†educational curriculum and to develop their son/daughter.¬†What we share may raise some questions……that’s GREAT!¬†Let’s talk about it, and get better informed and united as a team ourselves.¬†We love you and appreciate you dearly; we want to support your success in the Commissioner role!

Welcome to Comm2‚Äď let‚Äôs get started!!


The Comm2 Library:


Click below to read the Commissioner Handbook!

Commissioner Handbook 20-21