Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.”  Psalm 100:4


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April 2021

Basketball season has come to a successful close for FEAST this year.

On the boys’ side, we had 70 boys compete on seven competitive teams in both the middle school and high school divisions. We would like to thank all of the parents who helped us in so many ways to get kids to games and practices. They help with books and clocks and gates, as well as help us maneuver through a COVID year successfully that none of us had ever experienced before. Our boys’ varsity finished 4th at state and concluded the year with an impressive 20 win, 12 loss record.

FEAST Patriot Girls had a great showing at the Big South Regional Tournament by  placing third in the 2021 postseason toughest Homeschool Regional Tournament in the nation. Houston’s District Champion San Antonio FEAST took down the three-time defending National Champion Memphis MHEA Eagles in a defensive battle, beating them 40-37 in their first game. Winning the first game put FEAST in the semi-finals to compete against Dallas Thunder, the #2 ranked national homeschool team, in which the girls competed very well, only losing by 9 points. The FEAST Patriot Girls received their third-place title after battling it out with Salt and Light to win 59-46. We are so proud of every single one of the girls. They always give 110% every step of the way. They continue to encourage one another and thrive on being their best for the team. The FEAST Patriot Girls have wrapped up their 2020-2021 season, with so much to be pleased about, finishing 2nd at state and 3rd at the multi-state Big South Regional Tournament.

Congratulations to our Girls Basketball MVP and All-District Players!

Lauren Sansano was named 18U Girls District MVP /All-District Team. Trinity Hubbard and Maddy Hanson were also named All-District Team, with Maddy being a finalist.

Recognizing Our Girls Varsity Seniors:

Chaeli Criddle: SR. #23 Guard/Shooting Guard – Chaeli was new to the FEAST Patriot family this year, but it did not take her long to adjust and fit right in from day one. She was a big part of our team this year, offensively and defensively. She was so much fun to have on the team and so much fun to coach. Chaeli was a hard worker, committed, great team player, always smiling, always ready to go, always willing to help her teammates out where she could, and always willing to ask questions and learn more. Chaeli, we wish you all the best after you graduate high school. We will all miss you, and we love you! God has a plan for you. Trust in His plan. 

Lanie Douget: SR. #33 Guard – Lanie was also new to our FEAST Patriot family this year. Same as Chaeli, it did not take long for her to fit right in with the FEAST girls. Lanie played a big part in our team’s defense this year. She shut down several primary shooters from the other teams because of her quickness, speed, and high energy. Her exceptional defense was key to helping our defense be as effective as it was. Lanie was so much fun to coach. She was always paying attention and always doing exactly what was asked from her. She was a very dependable player. Lanie, we wish you all the best after graduating high school! We will miss you, and we love you! God has a plan for you. Trust in His plan. 

If a summer basketball league forms, we will be a part of it. Please check your monthly MANNA and FEAST e-blasts for news on any summer programs.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON BASKETBALL – Contact Head Basketball Commissioner, Dean Fagan, at deanfagan@att.net


Archived Articles

March 2021

The FEAST Patriot Girls had a great showing at Space City, District, and State. The girls played with heart, soul, and integrity. They were champions in showing strong Godly character, positivity, leadership, friendship, teamwork, communication, determination, and love. They did not allow challenges to stand in the way. They stood together, jumped over the hurdles that came their way, and had the vision to see these obstacles as opportunities. “Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the “ME” for the “WE.” Phil Jackson. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan.

The FEAST Patriot Girls placed first at Space City Jam with a 5-0 record, beating the Central Texas Saints 55-47 to bring home the championship trophy. Two All-Tournaments went to Lauren Sansano and Maddy Hanson. Lauren averaged 18 points/game, 37 rebounds, 25 assists, 18 steals, 5 deflects and 3 blocks. Lauren showed outstanding leadership and led the team to victory. Maddy Hanson averaged 24 points/game, 66 rebounds, 9 assists, 8 steals, 12 deflects, and 4 blocks. Maddy did an outstanding job showing discipline and patience on both offense and defense. She thrived at the free throw line shooting at 80%.

The FEAST Patriot Girls placed first at District with a 3-0 record, beating Salt and Light 56-49 in the championship game. Winning this tournament bumped the girls up in National rankings to #4.

The FEAST Patriot Girls placed second at state, losing to the #1 Ranked National Team, Lubbock Titans, by 15 points in the championship game. “The girls played a great game and gave it their all the entire time. We know we have to step it up a notch and prepare ourselves for more challenging games.” Offensive Award went to Chaeli Criddle, Defensive Award went to Lanie Douget, and Christian Character Award went to Alex Hrechko. Chaeli has shown incredible willingness and determination to learn how to be more effective on offense, and it is starting to show on the court. Lanie Douget, with her exceptional defense, has shut down several primary shooters on the other team. Her quickness and speed have been the key to helping our defense be as effective as it is. Alex has stepped up and has shown what a leader can be in a Godly, uplifting, and encouraging way.

As a team, the players have learned from our wins and losses and have applied to our practices to prepare us for Regionals and Nationals coming up. 

On the boys side we had six teams compete very well in the  Space City and State Tournaments. In addition our 14U boys A team took 2nd place in both the ISAL A division regular season and end of season tournament. At Space City our 16U boys took second place in their division. At state, our 12 U boys were 5th in state, our 14U boys A team finished 3rd, our JV1 team won the 16U consolation bracket, and our varsity boys finished 4th in state.

The seasons for all of our boys basketball teams concluded at the end of February and we would like to thank all of the families who participated and supported this fine program. Our participation levels and the level of competitive play we exhibit are only possible because of what the FEAST players, parents and families contribute to this program.


February 2021


This season the FEAST Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has had its share of challenges. We suffered four injuries and recently lost three close competitive games. We are learning not to let a win or loss define who we are; we are learning to let our character define us. We will learn from these challenges and grow stronger individually and as a team in preparation for our upcoming District, Regional, and National Tournaments. Just as everyone has a Godly purpose, every team member has something to bring to the team, and everyone plays a critical role in helping the team persevere. The girl’s varsity really came together and won the Houston Space city Tournament in convincing fashion.


Our boys’ teams continue to maneuver their way through a season of COVID challenges we have all never seen before. We had six teams participate in Houston at the Space City Jam Tournament, with our JV1 team taking second place in their division. Most of our teams will conclude their season at the state tournament the first weekend in February.


January 2021

FEAST basketball met a lot of challenges in the month of December. We lost several games on each of our nine teams due to other program’s COVID closures or our own exposures on four teams. We thank our families for working through all of these challenges together as we maneuver through a year and environment none of us have ever seen before.

In spite of these challenges, we successfully hosted our annual FEAST Invitational Tournament and moved forward with trying to identify and self-quarantine all exposed individuals to maintain the safety of our participants. It has really been a gift from God and a testament to our participating families, coaches, and staff that we did not have to deal with any of these challenges for the first three months of the season, while multiple programs around us struggled mightily with COVID. Please pray for an abatement of this scourge and that our programs can move forward safely and positively this New Year!

Congratulations to our FEAST varsity boys and boys 16U Red teams, which won their tournament brackets at the FEAST Tournament.