Those who compete in games must enter disciplined training. Most do it for a crown that will not last; we do it for the crown that will last forever.

Interested in FEAST Athletics for 2022-23? Scroll down to learn more!

College-bound juniors and seniors affiliated with FEAST are encouraged to apply.


Phoenix Milner Memorial Scholarship

Phoenix Milner was a FEAST Volleyball and Basketball player who tragically lost her life in a car accident on May 23, 2020. Her teammates and coaches remember her as a vocal leader, a tireless worker, a stranger to none, and a friend to all. She set a classic example of what it means to be a Patriot!

In her honor, Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) will award two $500 scholarships funded by friends of Phoenix at the 7 to 7 Dental & Orthodontics Group.

Phoenix’s outstanding character and positive leadership qualities are the basis of the Phoenix Milner Memorial Scholarship requirements through peer and adult recommendations. Learn more and apply today!


Participation in sports can offer many benefits to your homeschooled student!

The primary purpose for FEAST Athletics is to provide a place to play sports in a supportive atmosphere for your home-educated athlete. Our goals are development and demonstration of Christian character in the community of competitive sports, both on and off the field/courts. To that end, we strive to balance the competitive nature of the athletics program, while providing the opportunity for character development.

We honor God by developing His gifts of abilities and talents through hard work, dedication, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. Athletics also offers important life lessons: being part of a team, learning to work together, and encouraging one another. Additionally, our athletic program encourages student athletes to:

  • Build life-long memories and cement relationships,
  • Establish an active lifestyle,
  • Experience personal growth in their self-confidence,
  • Seek to honor the Lord and serve others by becoming the best they can be.
FEAST Athletics supports your goal of educating the whole child!

FEAST Athletics Programs:

Middle School & High School
Baseball | Basketball | Cross Country | Football | Golf
 Soccer | Softball | Tennis | Track & Field | Volleyball

Plan Athletics in your 2022-23 Year!

To help you include organized sports in your family’s homeschool experience, take a look at the tentative 2022-23 FEAST Athletics timeline for each of our programs:

How can my child participate?

Step 1: Get your Patriot Pass!

Patriot Pass registration for the 2022-23 school year will open June 1, 2022 and is $75 per family/per year. To participate in the FEAST Athletics, each family needs a Patriot Pass for the current school year. Learn more about pass benefits, discounts and freebies!

Our updated and enhanced registration process is easy! Complete your form, pay online, and get your activated pass TODAY!

Step 2: Register and pay for your sport(s)! 

Once your family has your NEW 2022-23 Patriot Pass, login into the Patriot Pass holder page to register your child(ren) for their sport. Note: season fees and registration windows are specific to each sport. Registrations is typically open for 3-6 weeks prior to the start of the season and season fees are in addition to the cost of the Patriot Pass.

Learn more about our sports programs!


Season: January-April
High School / Middle School
(Boys’ Team)


Season: October-March
Skills Camp: August-September
High School / Middle School
(Boys’ Teams)


Season: August-November

Summer Training: June-July
High School / Middle School
(Boys’ & Girls’ Teams)


Season: August-November
Spring Training: May-July
High School / Middle School
(Boys’ Team)


Season: February-April
High / Middle School
(Coed Team)


Season: October-February
High/Middle School

(Coed Teams)


Season: January-April
High/Middle School
(Girls’ Team)


Season: February-April
High/Middle School
(Coed Team)


Season: January-May
Winter Training: December

High School / Middle School
(Boys’ & Girls’ Teams)


Season: August-November
Skills Clinic: February-May

Spring Camp & Evals:  May-June 
High School / Middle School
(Boys’ & Girls’ Teams)

Thanks for your interest in FEAST Athletics! GO PATRIOTS!
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