Tye Wickham

Webmaster/I.T. Support
(210) 342-4674

Tye comes to us with a background of jobs in the United States Air Force. He shares his experience here:

As Manager of Process Improvements & Project Initiatives for the USAF, “making the seemingly impossible situations work” was my mission, if you can dream it, I can try to make it happen, was my approach to all tasks bestowed to me.  I was able to identify areas of improvement, and make/suggest changes that saved time, increased product quality, and increase productivity.  During my Military Deployments, I was the sole IT support agent and was requested by name to manage accounts, and oversee all Information Technology related duties.  I established a first-ever Battlefield Medical Information System-Tactical for mobile combat stress teams in northern Iraq. Implementation of this system cut data entry time from two weeks to less than 24 hours and reduced provider and technician workload by 66%.  Allowing Providers and staff to upload their Secure medical data nearly instantaneously.

Installed the first-ever active directory server and new Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care systems for Combat Stress Control Mental Health Teams in Southern Iraq; Instituted an inquiry of capabilities leading to the development of access to the main laboratory and pharmaceutical systems, resulting in a rapid review of critical results and ensuring patient safety.  These are just a few of the vast improvements I have made, and your company should expect the same capabilities.


Tye is highly a motivated team player who pays close attention to detail. His vast ability/knowledge/expertise in System Administration, SharePoint, WordPress, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite, as well as Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom, have not only made him the most qualified IT person in FEAST history but also equipped him to make some cutting edge changes for FEAST. Just to name a few website upgrades:

  • Automating the Patriot Pass sign up
  • Streamlining the registration process for events and sports
  • Implementing a one-step registration for online zoom orientations

All of these are integrated with our medical and liability waiver, media release, and for sports acknowledgment that they have read and agree to the handbook. He has been an answer to prayer!

Tye is married to Heather for 13 years and they have a beautiful family: Mikayla 24, Cory 21, and Addison 8.  

Check out the October 2021 Manna for Tye's personal testimony on page 7