Michael Booker

Football Commissioner

Commissioner Michael Booker is also our head coach for the high school program and has been part of the FEAST Patriots football family for five years. Before joining FEAST, Michael volunteered as a coach for five years with a Texas youth football league as well as for his church’s Upward Basketball program. He has also trained several AAU Track & Field athletes.

Michael has a beautiful daughter, Lula, and he and his wife, Sarah, have three boys: Collin, Deacon, and Elijah. Michael and Sarah have been married for 18 years, but they have known each other since middle school. Sarah will tell you that Michael is the reason she loves football! They were middle school sweethearts, and she cheered him on from the Band each time he made a touchdown (which was often!).

Coach Booker was always an active athlete: football, long jump, triple jump, relays, skateboarding, racing motorcycles, and practicing martial arts. On any given day you may now find him skateboarding with Elijah, playing drums or guitar with Collin, or an impromptu martial arts strike with Deacon. The Booker Family loves to laugh, take family trips, attend motorsports events, and spend time with extended family, but most of all, they love to be with each other.