Kitty Kennemer

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Hi, I’m Kathleen Kennemer; but you can call me Kitty.

Since July 2021, I have been blessed to serve alongside the fantastic Resource Center team FEAST has put together, assisting families in all things “homeschool”. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Hunter, for 22 years. We have four children: Caroline (sophomore at ACU), Jackson (freshman at ACU), Holden (senior ’22) and Ryland (6th grade). When the Lord first nudged us towards homeschooling, we knew NOTHING about home education, we had no family or friends already on the homeschooling journey to help guide us. Admittedly, I was one of those people who (wrongly) thought homeschoolers lived in mom-sewn denim jumpers, with waist-length hair, who baked bread all day; while nursing babies, starting home businesses, growing vegetables, all-the-while, educating their children.

After realizing the stereotypical delusion I was living under, wasn’t completely accurate, we made the leap and began homeschooling--reluctantly, through delayed obedience and mustard seed faith. It’s been nearly 16 years since we launched into homeschooling. In that time, just as my children have evolved as they matured, so has my homeschooling philosophy but overall, I would describe our homeschool as “eclectic”. Kitty’s Freedom School has traveled the spectrum of teaching styles, learning styles, and curricula designs, ranging from the all-inclusive, one-stop-shop-single-box-brand of yearly curriculum to organic piece-it-together-myself unit studies. We’ve had days filled with tears and looming, “what if I’m not doing it right…”. We’ve had days of jubilee, witnessing a difficult concept finally “click”. I know what it’s like to feel the relief of burden once the first college acceptance letter arrives, “Whew, we must have done something right!” I also know how it feels to struggle alongside a beloved child with learning differences, who is brilliant, creative, capable but lost at how to communicate and express these talents in traditional ways. I can relate to the parent who is in the season of home educating a highschooler while simultaneously educating an elementary student.

I can, freshly, relate to the parent who has hugged their graduate’s neck at the steps of their dorm in a faraway town, fought back the deluge of tears, climbed into the car, and waved goodbye; praying that the next leg of their journey is even more blessed than road already traveled. My hope is that the years of experience and wisdom the Lord has seen fit to entrust me with can and will be an instrument used to help homeschooling families and bring glory to His holy name.

I would love to hear about your homeschooling journey! Contact me at or follow us on YouTube at FEAST Family Educators Alliance of South Texas 2, where we offer you homeschooling tricks and tips.