Misty Hubbard

Girls Basketball Commissioner & Head Coach

Returning for a sixth year serving our girls’ program, welcome back to Misty as Girls’ Commissioner and Head Coach! Misty loves that FEAST is an excellent place for homeschool athletes to play competitive sports, form friendships, build Christ-like character, develop leadership skills, learn teamwork, self-discipline, self-control, perseverance, obedience, and have a lot of fun! She believes with encouragement, hard work, dedication, and positive role models, there is no limit to what these young athletes can achieve.

Misty is from west central Texas and grew up with three sisters playing all sports, but found basketball to be her favorite! She dreamed of becoming a wife, mom, basketball coach, mentor, and part of a ministry for teens. God has blessed her with all of those opportunities and more, and we appreciate her service in so many of those capacities at FEAST!

Misty and her wonderful husband, Jon, have three beautiful children, Ayla, Trinity and Asher, and have homeschooled for 10 years. Trinity is active in our girls’ basketball program, and Asher plays basketball and baseball for FEAST. The Hubbards love bible study together, attending church, family outings/picnics, travel, hiking, camping, family games, movie nights, swimming, and playing any competitive sport. They are clearly an active family and love being outdoors!