October 2022

Character Counts:
Teach Them to Trust

Seems like we try to lay things out in the order we feel would be best for our children. Sometimes lessons come out of order or at an unexpected time. Some of the greatest character training for my sons occurred during a very hard time for my family.
January 2015, one phone call and boom…I found out I had breast cancer.
I could have never imagined what the next seven months would be like:
The things we endured, the lessons we learned and the way we all grew individually, and as a family.
My oldest son was a senior. It was baseball season. Both boys were in co-op classes. I was working and homeschooling. My husband Dwayne worked 60-65 hours a week. Dwayne’s 90-year-old mother lived with and depended on us. Imagine if you can, that for the next several months, it all seemed to slow down. Suddenly, we had a different priority level on EVERYTHING. In all the busyness, we found time to spend together as a family. Praying, talking, Eating, and all interactions became very intentional.
We each learned our own lessons:

  • I learned to allow my family and friends to see me in my weakness and turn my responsibilities over to others.
  • My husband learned to lead us through this time, knowing it was not in his strength, but in His Strength.
  • My oldest learned to be selfless, giving endlessly his time and energy to help with errands and Grandma.
  • My youngest learned responsibility and accountability of adult tasks, on a whole new level.

In short, we all learned to trust; causing us to step out of our comfort zone. Nothing has turned our world upside down like cancer.
Now imagine the beauty that came out of the ashes. My sons had to claim the promises of God for themselves. It wasn’t enough to trust Mom and Dad, they grew so much spiritually. They held themselves accountable for doing their schoolwork. They worked together as brothers and part of a family to keep their household going, chores, meals, etc. And of course, taking care of the two women in the house: grandma and me!
To this day, I believe my recovery was so successful because of the support I received from my family. Praise Jesus for healing my body, after 4 surgeries I was declared cancer free!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you or someone you love experienced breast cancer, comment here. I would love to set up a network of survivors to mentor and encourage those in the fight!

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