January 2022

The Journey of Life!

As we round the corner, closing out 2021 and starting 2022, I feel like it is a new chapter. Life is full of ups and downs, changes and improvements. There always seems to be a push at the beginning of
a new year to make resolutions and change things up…but this year, I would like to ask you to use a different lens. 

As you look in the mirror and examine your life, what do you see? See the good. Consider your relationships, home, family, activities, and homeschool. What if this year, instead of coming through with a machete for the annual prune, make of list of the things that ARE working. What is going well and successful? Don’t miss the beauty of life’s blessings.

If you have issues in relationships, take time to make sure they all get in a good place. It is never too late to say I am sorry. God’s mercies are new every day, and we need to find the road to reconciliation. Don’t be afraid to be the one to make the first move. “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God”. I John 4:7-8

Your home and family most likely will not run like a well-oiled machine. That is because everyone in your family is their own person with their own thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Being family, members of the same house, means learning to be flexible. Sometimes you get the things you want and sometimes you allow someone else to have their desires. That is what family does.

When it comes to activities and your homeschool, find the things that work best. There may not always be a perfect answer or fit. This could be a time that your family learns to grow together to make something work. As you seek these answers, interface with other in love. A little kindness goes a long way

Above all, your home should be a place where your entire family feels comfortable and safe. There should be love and laughter along with the business of life. So
in this “New Year,” as you look to get rid of what is not working, make sure you embrace, enjoy, and keep the good.

May God grant you and your family a Blessed New Year!

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