Beloved, of all the people in the Bible, besides Jesus Christ, the one person I desire my life to emulate is the person of the Apostle Paul. Since Paul ministered most of his life as a single man, I can relate to him. I want to have his passion for the lost, his desire for the truth, and his relentless and uncompromising push to finish the race for which he was called. Honestly, I often wonder how he lived the life he lived. How he did not involve himself with the affairs of this world but was totally Heaven and Christ-minded?

Adrian Rogers said this of Paul in his message entitled, “How to Measure a Man.” He said, “There he goes, the greatest Christian who ever lived, can you see him, humpback, hobbling along, his body, bent, broken, scarred from the whippings, the stonings, the imprisonments, being pickled in the Mediterranean Sea, a little grey head, squinting eyes, the greatest Christian who ever lived.”

Beloved, in a world, which measures success by brawn, brains, and bucks, Paul was consumed with Jesus Christ and Christ alone. No one has a great life that lives a selfish life. Beloved, may our lives be poured out as a love offering for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 


Pastor Joe

Devotional Provided By:

Pastor Joseph Marquez
Senior Pastor & Teacher
Grace Calvary Chapel
9107 Marbach Rd. Suite 225
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 675-2120





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