What is Homeschool ?

Homeschool, homeschool, homeschool… You hear it all over the place nowadays. I am enjoying the many funny memes that have been created and being able to finally laugh along with my family and friends. They finally get my homeschool jokes!

At the beginning of the year, not many people knew what homeschool was all about. Those that had heard of it viewed it as a poor choice in education. I have had my share of negative criticism from my family and friends, especially at the beginning of our journey. This year it has

become a household word and quickly becoming a popular method to educate.

So, what exactly is homeschool? It is education with no boundaries, which makes the world your school because you can jump in to learn about a specific subject at your desired time and not by state mandate. It is the freedom to explore in

depth all which attracts your student in the comfort of your home, at a museum or in a park. It is quality time spent with those you love while learning and building stronger kindred connections. Homeschool is a private school where family values are highlighted, and your religion may be discussed and practiced.

Oh, but it sounds too good to be true! Of course, we experience problematic days; after all, we are working with humans. I had taken deep breaths and questioned my choice, “What was I thinking when I initiated homeschooling?” However, after recalling the precious time my daughter has spent learning how to play the guitar and to love books from my now deceased brother, learning to bake cookies and crochet from my also deceased mother, or practicing her Spanish and learning about our Mexican heritage and culture with my sister, my only regret is not initiating homeschooling sooner. Why? Because homeschool is the beautiful privilege of forming cultural, intellectual, social, and self-motivated human beings.