One Father to Another: Grace

As I shared with you my testimony in October 2021’s issue of the MANNA.  I titled the series article One Father to Another for that I felt that my message needed to be shared with everyone, and especially to my fellow brethren, husbands, and fathers during these difficult times. I wanted to start a column that I could share with you.  The theme for the next few installments will be about being “Grateful”.   I am so grateful that God provided for me when I could not. 

 With Thanksgiving a few weeks away, it is best fitting to start with a Grateful theme, thus, as promised, may I present to you this month’s devotion:

It is no surprise that God desperately wants us to be thankful, there are over 70 verses and mentions of the word “Thanks” in the KJV and 108 in the New American Standard Bible (NAS or NASB) The first of these verses that that came unto my mind was in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 when Paul was writing to the new believers in Thessalonica to provide encouragement. Paul’s specific and practical instruction for this process can be applied directly to our current circumstances. By clinging to our hope in Christ, we may see several clear results in our lives: refusing to defraud others, appreciating those Christians who serve on your behalf, refusing to repay evil for evil. The verse states

 “Rejoice always, pray continually,
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you
in Christ Jesus.” 

Despite the encouragement that God and our culture give us to be grateful, it can be hard to practice gratitude in the midst of the daily grind. Our ability to be grateful often ebbs and flows with the circumstances in front of us. 

Gratitude is like a muscle—it gets stronger if we consistently give it attention and push it beyond it’s level of comfort. Conversely, if we fail to exercise it consistently, our ability to be thankful atrophies.

Are you looking for the good in your current situation, or are you more focused on the not so good?  What are you grateful for? Are you up for the challenge to give grace the attention she needs and push her beyond your comfort level?  If so, comment on this blog’s post to my questions and for me to connect with you and pray for you!  Thanks and always Stay strong!

In His Service,


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