October 2021

‘Tis the Season, for My Favorite Season!

I am not sure what it is about fall that I love so much! Maybe it is the long anticipated cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, the fall decorations or the hot chocolate, or maybe all of the aforementioned. As I thought about these things, a strange question popped into my head…why do people decorate with scarecrows? I love the fact that they do, but just never really considered the motivation before. Thus began my quest. Where did scarecrows come from? Although the appearance of scarecrows vary, depending on the country of origin, their purpose was the same: 

  • Deters predators 
  • Signifies a presence
  • Resembles a person

As my mind continued to travel, I found a very interesting parallel between a scarecrow and the crucifixion of Christ. WOW!  If you click this link you will see It is an etching on paper, titled, and signed, which helps visualize the similarities between the two. Ok, mind blown!  As I continued to ponder, I too made the correlation that it was the death of Christ on the cross that served the same three purposes:

  • Deters predators – He saved me and protects me. 
  • Signifies a presence – He sent the Holy Spirit to stay with me.
  • Resembles a person – Although he came as a person, HE IS GOD.

I found it very exciting to read about scarecrows and how, around the world, countries not only made them differently, but modified their exact purpose. Some were actually used to catch your dinner. Assign this research to your children, or if they are young, do the research with them, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Share your findings in the comments below so that we can see how many uses we can compile.

My prayer is that as you enter this fall season, you consider Christ and all he has done for you. Begin now to prepare your heart for a “Season of Thanksgiving”!

In Christ,

Linda Whiten

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