New Beginnings – Jan 2021

Happy New Year! I pray you all had a wonderful holiday season and made tons of family memories to cherish for a lifetime. Maybe some of you have already put up the Christmas decorations. As you read this, I am still sweeping up the leftover confetti from New Year’s Eve. It is a messy family tradition but one that seems to kick off the beginning of our fresh start to our second homeschool semester in a fun and colorful way.

Sweeping, removing, cutting off all that is not contributing to an enjoyable and productive homeschool environment, is the grand metamorphosis of how my household initiates the new year. We get rid of any curriculum we have purchased, that it is not working for us. I either swap it for another curriculum with another homeschool family, donate it, or sell it online. We review the schedule we started with back in late summer and adjust the time and days of “feeding the brain,” as my daughter refers to learning. Maybe starting the day off with the toughest subject for my student is not the way to go. Therefore, instead of starting the day or week with mathematics, we re-assign it for the end of the day or mid-week.

As I move the furniture to get the confetti mess from underneath, I stop and think if the desk is in the location that brings the best daylight when my student works on it. Maybe the desk is not working at all, and my student works better from the kitchen table or when she sits outside on the front porch with a fold-out table.

FEAST has an excellent library filled with samples of various curriculums. Give us a phone call or send us an email to schedule a time to come in and review before you purchase the new curriculum online. If your student is having trouble with reading and writing, do not let it cause unnecessary stress, but rather schedule an assessment with us. Rose will be happy to share her teaching knowledge in a reading or writing workshop to get your child feeling confident and ready to concur all assignments. Let FEAST be your broom to help sweep away the clutter, confusion, or mayhem that is preventing you and your student from getting the job done.

May your New Year truly be a happy and healthy one!