Coffee Talk – Feb 2021

FEAST continues to work to find ways to better serve our homeschooling community. What we really need…is to spend more time with our friends! Our newest endeavor is our “Coffee Talk”

Your FEAST Resource Specialists, Norma and Rose, will host this new Facebook Live event every Thursday at 9:30am CST. Log on, ask questions, chime in to offer some of your own experiences and insight, or just enjoy 30 minutes of conversation with other homeschooling parents. We will have a weekly focus where we will discuss general homeschool topics such as the latest curriculum finds, co-op offerings, clubs, athletics, websites, graduation, things to do around town, and the monthly events we are hosting here at FEAST.

Once your questions and comments start popping up, we will focus our discussion on your specific needs. After the coffee talk, you can call, email, or send us a message on Facebook Messenger. We can follow up on any lingering questions and concerns you may still have about homeschooling. So get your morning cup of coffee, tea, water, juice, or smoothie and share a bit of your morning with us!