August 2021

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priority – permanence- purpose

AUGUST IS HERE, and with it comes all the excitement of the upcoming school year. New books, curriculum, classes, and all the things you need to make your homeschooling a success. As you go through your list of must-haves, I would like to challenge you to include a checklist for the leadership of your home school. That’s right, call the staff (Dad and Mom) together to ensure everyone is on the same page; call it a teacher in-service day. Set apart some time to discuss your goals and vision for each student. Here are some items that you may want to discuss at your “in-service day”:

The leadership team needs to have very strong and clear communications. Make sure to schedule time to plan, not only your homeschool, but your downtimes and your time alone. As leaders, it is imperative to have purpose and be intentional. While you’re at it, intentionally make sure to reconnect and make each other a priority. Your marriage is the component that needs to be stable; a united approach will be more impactful to your children… We are stronger together.

Based on Genesis 2:21-24, there are three factors to consider about marriage:

1. The Priority of Marriage Priority: the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important. It has been said that the highest priority of human relationships is not parent-to-child or child-to-parent, but spouse-to-spouse.  With this directive, as parents, we must be preparing our children to leave us. Like the eagle, we must stir the nest, encouraging them to go out and have their own homes. These eaglets may not leave, but there comes a time when they must fly! As moms and dads, we don’t like the thought of having an empty nest, so we keep it feathered and make it easy for the little baby eaglets and never really teach them how to fly. We hurt our eagles when we do this, so prepare them for what lies ahead.

2. The Permanence of Marriage Permanence: the state of quality of lasting or remaining unchanged indefinitely. Verse 23 gives further instructions to the man to “cleave unto his wife.” The translation from Hebrew gives the idea of welding or gluing. In spite of what people think, it is not their own doing to put themselves together; it is God. “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Mark 10:9 Marriage is permanent; that whole “til death do us part” of the vows is real.  No marriage is exempt; they all have problems. Those couples who stay married and those who get divorced, basically have the same types of issues. The difference is not in the issues but in their commitment. Rid your mind of the idea of divorce. Take your scissors and cut that word out of your dictionary.

3. The Purpose of Marriage: Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Finally, (Genesis 2:24) says, “and they shall become one flesh.” This represents a more complete union; physical, mental, and spiritual. Marriage is a romance, and in the first chapter, both the hero and the heroine die, so they can become one new person. This forges the ability to make unified decisions. This does not mean we always will… but we can.  When the unified team fails, remember God is a good Father and He is the God of forgiveness. Extend that to your spouse and you will see the beauty of God’s plan coming together. Remember, the first miracle Jesus performed was at a wedding when He turned water into wine (John 2:1-11), and He is still performing miracles. When you get right down to it, every magnificent marriage is a miracle because it is a union of man, a woman, and God. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it and your homeschool depends on it.

Send me your favorite way to keep communications strong with your spouse. I would love to share ideas for all those who read this letter. Stay Strong & Unified! Blessings, 

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Linda F.
2 years ago

I want to let you know that I truly appreciate this letter. The “in-service” approach made me smile, and think about how we rush to get homeschool started, and do neglect each other sometimes.
I wrote in my journal, Priority, Permanence, Purpose, so I won’t forget your wise words. Keeping God at the center of everything is how we stay in communication within our family. We pray about EVERYTHING together, even every time we get in the car.
Thanks so much for all you do for us, we are blessed to have you at FEAST.
~ Linda F

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