Saturday, January 26, 2019, 9am to 5:30pm

$25 per person (includes a catered lunch)

Faith Lutheran Church  14819 Jones Maltsberger, San Antonio, TX


Today’s Educational World: Is It Safe for the Christian

Sometimes yes. But increasingly no. There are few “safe spaces” for biblically-minded Christians at most colleges and K-12 schools. Instead, the opposite is often found: subtle and not-so-subtle belittling and undermining of the Christian worldview. Today’s educational world can often be a very dangerous place for Christians and their faith.

This conference will explain what is dangerous in the educational world, offer God-pleasing support, alternatives to a postmodern/post-factual/progressive education, and prepare students to defend and share the hope they have in Christ.


  • “Postmodernism: Embedded in Education and There’s (Almost) Nothing to Do about It” (Pastor David Thompson, Faith Lutheran Church, San Antonio)
  • “Getting the Facts Straight: How Grammar, History, and Logic Can Rescue Education from Postfactualism” (Dr. Ryan MacPherson, Bethany Lutheran College, Minnesota)
  • “Science – Distinguishing a Classical & Biblical Education from an Evolutionary Education” (Dr. Gary Locklair, Concordia University Wisconsin)
  • “For Students on the Front Lines of Higher Education”  (Dr. Andrew Das, Elmhurst College, Illinois)  

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Worship and social hour 7pm Friday evening

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